Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes are fun! It’s such a classic story and most everyone knows it, either from the old Lewis Carroll story or from the more recent movies. There are several Alice in Wonderland characters to choose from such as Alice, the Queen of Hearts, and the Mad Hatter, just for starters. Such an array of great characters!  It would be fun for the whole family to be decked out in Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes, each one a different character. On this page you’ll find Alice in Wonderland costumes for everyone.

Red and Black Crown or Hat

This is a versatile red and black hat that can be used as a crown for the Queen of Hearts.  It could also serve quite nicely as a hat for a jester or knave.

Alice in WonderlandAlice Halloween Costumes for Girls

Alice in Wonderland Costumes for Girls and Women

These Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes are all a little different but all easily recognizable as Alice. All of them feature a blue dress with a white pinafore, but have different details.  Some have ruffles, bows, or cute black and white striped stockings.  Some of them are detailed with the card suits, spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.  There are many different interpretations of Alice’s dress.  Very cute for the little girl, teen or tween who wants to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween.  Some are just a bit more grown up.

There are great Alice costumes for adults as well.

Alice Child CostumeAlice Deluxe ChildCalifornia Costumes GirlsDisney Alice Classic Alice Alice Classic ChildAlice In WonderlandAlice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costumes for Women

These are lovely blue Alice in Wonderland dresses for women. There’s a good range of styles for every version of Alice, short and sweet or demurely elegant.  You’ll also find some plus size Alice costumes here for the curvy girl.  Your Alice dress can be traditional and old-fashioned or you can wear an updated interpretation.  All are the traditional blue but there are a couple that don’t have the traditional white pinafore.  Whatever your interpretation of the Alice character is, there’s an Alice dress for you.

California Costumes Women’sDeluxe Alice CostumeAlice in WonderlandDisguise Unisex AdultRoma Costume Plus-SizeWonderful Alice SexyLeg Avenue Women’Disguise Walt DisneysForum Alice InAdult Alice Costume

Queen of Hearts Costumes

The Queen of Hearts is one of the most colorful and flamboyant characters in the Alice in Wonderland story. Her costumes reflect this as they are also colorful, flamboyant, and very stylish. We have costumes for girls, women, and plus size women. Although I always picture the Queen of Hearts in a long dress, some of these costumes are short and sexy.  Play the character to the hilt!  Off with her head!

InCharacter Costumes, LLCInCharacter Costumes, LLCEnchanting Queen ofForum Alice InQueen of HeartsRed Queen ofForplay Women’s OffCalifornia Costumes TweenRubie’s Red Heart

Mad Hatter Costumes for Halloween

If you intend to be the Mad Hatter for Halloween, then you are in luck! There are a variety of crazy, wonderful costumes available for the Mad Hatter. Of all the Alice in Wonderland characters, the Mad Hatter is perhaps the most quirky and maybe the most fun.  Check out these Mad Hatter costumes for men, women, and girls.  There are many different versions and there are good choices.

Rubies Mad TeaCalifornia Costumes TweenCalifornia Costumes Women’sStarline Mad HatterLeg Avenue Women’sCalifornia Costumes Men’sPrestige Mad HatterPlus Size Deluxe

White Rabbit Costumes for Kids and Adults

We can’t forget the white rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland story.  Here are a few white rabbit costumes for both kids and adults.  The white rabbit is another iconic character from the story.  The white rabbit ideally should wear a waistcoat and carry a pocket watch, but if you can’t find a suitable waistcoat, perhaps one of these rabbit suits will suffice.  Be sure to check the costume accessories further down the page for a pocket watch for the white rabbit.

 Underwraps Baby’s Rabbit Forum Deluxe Plush Child White Rabbit


Alice in Wonderland Costume Accessories

Look at the cool steampunk style pocket watch for the white rabbit.  It would be a great addition to the white rabbit costume and could be used for every day after Halloween.  There’s also a pretty heart tiara for the Queen of Hearts.  It’s inexpensive enough that it could be put in the kids’ dress up box after wearing it with a costume.  Last but certainly not least we have cool shoes to go with costumes for Alice and the Queen of Hearts.  These great accessories could be the inspiration for a wonderful Alice in Wonderland costume!

Beistle Glittered TiaraRuby Heart TiaraAlice in WonderlandHarlequin-03 Costume AccessoryTeaCup Costume ShoesRoyal ScepterAlice in WonderFuntasma Men’s Hatter-02

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