Angel Halloween Costumes for Children

Angel Halloween costumes for children are a fun costume idea for your little princes and princesses. The angel is a beloved staple at Halloween and Christmas parties.

Everything at Halloween doesn’t have to be terrifying. Someone needs to be watching over things and the guardian angel is beautiful representation of that.

Below you will find several available angel Halloween costumes for kids to help complete the costumed gathering. Someone needs to level out the playing field of good guys versus the evil doers.

Check out all the costumes below and see which merchants have the right costume at the right price and in stock, ready for shipment. No one should wait until the last minute but so many do that I felt the need to give you loads of options.

Angel Costume for Children


Sweet Little Angel CostumeSweet Little Angel Costume



Angel Halloween Costumes for Children

These adorable angel costumes for children can also be worn for Christmas plays and displays. Your child can be a beautiful white angel or, if you look further down, you will see one of the dark angels. Find the perfect angel Halloween costume for kids and show off your little angel.

Child's Angel Costume, MediumChild’s Angel Costume, MediumDeluxe Angel ChildDeluxe Angel ChildAngel Child CostumeAngel Child CostumeAngel Costume ChildAngel Costume ChildArchangel Gabriel Child CostumeArchangel Gabriel Child CostumeGirls Tween Dark AngelGirls Tween Dark Angel


Angel Halloween Costumes for Kids

There are many angel Halloween costumes for kids available here. Several merchants have them ready to ship at the right price. Take a look and find the one you want! They come in sizes for toddlers all the way to tweens.

Toddler / Child Angel CostumeToddler / Child Angel CostumeAngel Child CostumeAngel Child CostumeGirls Little Angel CostumeGirls Little Angel CostumeAngel With Halo Child CostumeAngel With Halo Child CostumeGuardian Angel Child CostumeGuardian Angel Child CostumeThe Dark Angel Child CostumeThe Dark Angel Child CostumeHeavenly Angel Child CostumeHeavenly Angel Child CostumeSwan Angel Child CostumeSwan Angel Child CostumeAngel CostumeAngel CostumeAngel CostumeAngel CostumeLittle Angel CostumeLittle Angel CostumeToddler Angel CostumeToddler Angel Costume


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