Animal Halloween Costumes for Kids and Babies

There are so many adorable Animal Halloween Costumes for kids and babies that you might have a hard time choosing!  They are cute, cuddly, and sometimes colorful.  You know baby animals are always so darned cute and so are our human babies.  People can’t resist baby animals or babies.  It’s a combination that can’t lose!

Choose from a parrot, porcupine, pig, peacock, or pony, all of them unusual animal costumes.  There’s lots more too.  I’ve included costumes from a few different online merchants so you can shop around.  This gives you a much wider variety to choose from and you can do some comparison shopping.  Be sure to shop early so you get the one you want!

Dalmation Costume for Toddlers

Toddler Dalmation Halloween Costume

Animal Halloween Costumes for Kids and Babies from Amazon

Aren’t these adorable baby animal costumes?  Who could resist one of these sweet babes?  Some of these costumes are bunting for the smallest babies, which will keep them warm.  Others are one piece, almost like a sleeper.  It’s good to consider baby’s comfort when you choose his or her costume.

Unisex-baby Pink Elephant CostumeBuzzy Bee Romper Costume, Yellow, Baby Girl’s Pretty Pony, Pink/White, Infant Sized Little Lamb Costume Cute Peafowl Animal CostumesFuzzy Raccoon Bunting  CostumeAdorable Dragon Infant, Red/YellowInfant Toddler Porcupine Costume Cat Romper Costume, White/BlackGiraffe Infant Costume, Brown/White, Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume Baby’s Tiny Turtle, Green, MediumPuppy Costume, Tan/White/BlackInfant Lady Bug Costume, Red/Black Baby Bat Costume Infant Lion Costume, BrownInfant Piggy Costume, PinkLion Cub Romper, Brown/Beige

Toddler Wolf Costume

This is one of the best baby animal Halloween costumes for kids and babies that I’ve seen.  It’s unique and looks good.  It looks like it would be warm too!

Toddler Wolf Costume

Baby Animal Costumes from has a great selection of baby animal costumes for kids and babies.  Check out the animal hoodies.  I like costume hoodies because they can be worn after Halloween and you get more bang for your buck.  Other costumes here are cute and would look great for Halloween.

Baby Lamb CostumeBaby Cute Owl CostumeBaby Lil Froggy CostumeBaby Parrot CostumeBaby Reindeer CostumeBaby Skunk CostumePlump Baby Kitty CostumeBaby Pink Poodle CostumeBaby Hippo Jumpsuit CostumeFluff the Baby Duck CostumeLittle Pig CostumeBaby Clown Fish CostumeChild Fox CostumeBear Face Animal HoodieMallard Duck Face Animal HoodieDeer Face Animal Hoodie


Tights to Keep Baby Warm

If Halloween is chilly, you might want to supplement baby’s costume with some warm things.  Here’s a selection of tights that could work with her costume.

Baby & Toddler Classic Mary Jane Baby Girls Pack Textured Tights, CoralBaby Girls Orange  TightsBaby Girls’ Cotton  Lots of ColorsBaby Girls’ Microfiber Opaque Tights 2 PairsBaby Girls’  1 Pair, ChocolateBaby-Girls Newborn Plain Tights, Plum, Baby Girls’ Lime Green Spandex Knit Hanna Andersson Ribbed Tights

Long Sleeved Body Suits

Onesies or long sleeved body suits like these can we worn under a costume and the layering will help to keep your child warm.  We don’t want them getting cold!

Boys’ 4 Pack Bodysuits (Baby)  4-pack Baby Bodysuit 100% Cotton Unisex-Baby 3 Pack Long sleeve Onesies  Pants Long Sleeved One-Piece, OrchidLong Sleeved One-Piece, Twilight, Organic Cotton Onesie Long Sleeved

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