Bunny Rabbit Costumes for Kids

Where can you find a bunny costume? We have bunny costumes for kids right here on this page. We’re speaking of rabbit costumes such as might be wanted for someone playing the Easter Bunny, or for a rabbit in a theater production. These are bunny costumes such as might be used in a production of Alice in Wonderland or other play.  Bunny costumes for kids are very cute.  Bunny costumes for adults are just funny.

Bunnies make great costumes for kids on Halloween because sometimes it’s chilly.

Rubie’s Newborn PreciousBunny Rabbit Costumes for Kids


Bunny Rabbit costumes are great for Halloween too, of course. Get together with your friends and go as a herd of bunnies or a bunny rabbit family.  Great for a group costume.  Wouldn’t that be fun?
Most of the bunny costumes are white but you can also find blue, pink, and gray. Start shopping for your bunny costume here!

Baby Bunny Costumes

Aren’t these just the most adorable little bunnies ever? Who could resist them?  Bunnies are just so darn cute! If you live where Halloween night is chilly, these bunny costumes will keep your little one warm.  Some of them are actually baby bunting and of course, can be worn outside of Halloween.

 Blue Bunny Infant InCharacter Infant Bunny Rubie’s Costume Baby Bunny Baby Costume Baby Cuddly Bunny Baby Bunny Rabbit


Looking for a Kid’s Rabbit Costume?

Here are cute bunny costumes for your toddler.  These adorable bunny costumes are for the child that’s a bit older and can motor under his or her own steam.  Most are bunny suit types with big, floppy rabbit ears.  They’re nice and warm for a chilly Halloween night.  These bunny rabbit costumes could also be worn at Easter.

 Pink Rabbit Gauze Skirt Set Grey Bunny Costume Bunny Rabbit Costume RG Costumes Bunny Toddler Happy Bunny Toddler Plush White Kids Bunny Rabbit Costume Secret Life of Pets Rabbit Plush Bunny Costume Kit Rabbit Costume for kids Bunny Rabbit Onesie Costume


Bunny Costumes for Tweens and Teens.

These are great costumes here for tweens and teens including a traditional bunny suit and the pink bunny suit from A Christmas Story.  There’s a pink, girlish bunny costume with a cute pink dress and headband bunny ears.  There’s something for everyone if your teen or tween wants to be a rabbit for Halloween.  This age group likes the kigurumi onesie rabbit outfits that can be used for cosplay or even for pajamas.  Check out the skeleton bunny-pretty cute and perfect for Halloween!

 Smiffy’s Women’s Skelly Deluxe Bunny Suit RG Costumes Bunny White Rabbit Polar Fleece Kigurumi Rabbit Onesie Pajamas

Bunny Rabbit Costumes for Adults

A bunny rabbit costume can be used for Halloween or Easter.

 Adult White Bunny Costume Plush Bunny Rabbit Mascot Men’s Magic Hat Rabbit Costume Bugs Bunny Costume, Gray Roger Rabbit: Standard (Standard)



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