Captain Malcom Reynolds Halloween Costume

This is an awesome replica coat from the TV series Firefly, worn by Captain Malcom Reynolds. You could say it is from the future (2517) and the “browncoat” indicates that he is a veteran of the Unification war.

This is a great costume not only for Halloween but also for cosplay.  Captain Malcom Reynolds will need a sidearm and dog tags which can be purchased from this page.

In fact, everything for a Captain Malcom Reynolds Halloween Costume is right here on this page.  He will need tan suspenders, a brown shirt, boots, khaki pants and some gloves.  If you aim to misbehave, this is your costume!
Captain Malcom Reynold’s Coat

The Browncoat

Specs for the futuristic, stylish cowboy coat are:

Officially licensed100%
Leather; suede exterior
Custom created replica brass buckle
Button-End closure
Great for Cosplay
Great for Halloween
Men’s Sizing
Dry clean only

There’s no other coat that will give you the authentic look of Malcom Reynolds, Captain of the Firefly Class transport ship Serenity.

According to Wikipedia “Firefly is an American space western science fiction drama television series.”


The Sidearm

for  a Captain Malcom Reynolds Halloween Costume

Captain Malcom Reynolds Pistol

A screen-accurate replica of the sidearm used by the Captain of the ship Serenity
As seen in the television series Firefly
As seen in the film Serenity
Measures 14″ from the tip of the barrel to the back of the handle
Cast in polystone and composed of several metal-plated parts
Weathered to match the antique brass color of the original hero prop

This is an actual replica of the sidearm carried by Malcom Reynolds. Blast away pesky Alliance spies with this metal-plated pistol replica. Fans of Firefly and the movie Serenity will know that every Malcom Reynolds cosplay or costume must have this pistol to be authentic.


Accessories for the Captain Malcom Reynolds Halloween Costume

Here are the accessories you’ll need to make Captain Malcom Reynolds look believable.

Mal’s Brown Shirt

Captain Malcom Reynolds Dog Tagstan suspendersMalcom Reynold’s BootsMal’s Khaki Pants

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