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Category: Kids Halloween Costumes

Kids Halloween Costumes. Here are our pages that feature lots of Kids Halloween Costumes. Each page in this category will have a good selection of costumes for kids to wear on Halloween.

Dumb and Dumber Halloween Costumes

Dumb and Dumber Halloween Costumes for the US and UK! You know you loved the movie and can’t wait to wear one of those awesome tuxes. Harry and Lloyd made these tuxes famous. Now you can also wear them! I have listed the best Dumb and Dumber Halloween costumes below. Take a look and find the […]

Policeman Costume for Kids

This year your child will have a great time in this Policeman Costume for Kids.  “Howdy, Ma’am. Do you know how fast you were going?” Those are the dreaded words that some of you driving those little red speedsters have heard once or twice (or more!). This Halloween your child can dress up as a policeman […]

Caveman Halloween Costumes

Caveman Halloween Costumes

Caveman Halloween Costumes for Everyone. The best caveman Halloween costumes for everyone in your whole family are on sale. Caveman Halloween Costumes.

Captain Hook Halloween Costume

Captain Hook Halloween Costumes Dressing up as Captain Hook is a fun part of the entire Peter Pan experience. Captain Hook is one of the adults in Neverland and he is always after Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. A Captain Hook Halloween Costume would be a fun addition to a Peter Pan costume group. Get […]

Bunny Rabbit Costumes for Kids

Pink Baby Bunny Costume

Where can you find a bunny costume? We have bunny costumes for kids right here on this page. We’re speaking of rabbit costumes such as might be wanted for someone playing the Easter Bunny, or for a rabbit in a theater production. These are bunny costumes such as might be used in a production of […]

Despicable Me Cute Minion Costumes for Kids

Despicable Me Minion Costumes for Kids for the US and UK are still one of the most popular costumes among kids this year! You can wear father and son Minions costumes, mother and daughter, or any combination by including your pets too! Minions are fun and adorable! Minion costumes are easily one of the most popular […]

Werewolf Costumes for Boys

Werewolf Costumes for Boys

Werewolf Costumes for Boys. Werewolves and vampires, oh my! Boys love the scariest things! If your son loves werewolves, then these are the perfect costume ideas for him.

Monster High Draculaura Costume

Monster High Draculaura Costume

One of the highly popular costumes is the Monster High Draculaura Costume. If your daughter is a fan of Monster high she may love this Monster High Draculaura Costume. Draculaura is so nice that she freaks people out! This costume includes a sheer black long sleeved shirt attached to a pink vest, a silver skirt, […]

Transformer Halloween Costumes for Kids

You have found the Transformer Halloween Costumes for Kids. Transformers was a very popular movie franchise. The way the Transformers are able change and move is what makes them so much fun. Transformer Halloween Costumes are a fun way for kids to play as their favorite Transformer. the movies were so much fun that everyone […]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Halloween Costumes

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Halloween Costumes

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Halloween costumes. There are Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Halloween costumes for the whole family here. You know what the release of a new superhero movie means right? That’s right! New Halloween costumes! I’ve found the latest and the greatest Batman and Superman, plus Wonder Woman costumes for men […]

Best Fireman Halloween Costumes In All Sizes

Best Fireman Halloween Costumes

The Best Fireman Halloween Costumes. Where can you buy fireman costumes for Halloween? Right here! The best fireman Halloween costumes are for sale below. Is your child asking to dress up as a firefighter for Halloween this year? Plus find fireman costumes for the rest of the family as well. Men’s, Women’s and even fireman costumes for pets too!

King Arthur Halloween Costumes

King Arthur Halloween costumes are always popular. What man doesn’t want to be king? Bring back the age of true heroic love stories, of knights in shining armor, and good conquering evil. King Arthur Halloween costumes make any costumed event special. Below you will find many version of King Arthur Halloween costumes as well as […]

Mermaid Halloween Costumes for Girls

Mermaid Halloween costumes. So your little one has decided to be a mermaid for the costume party. Now it’s time to find the perfect mermaid Halloween costume for girls. How many little girls that you know dream of a life where she can swim and stay beautiful forever? Mermaid Halloween costumes come in many different […]

Bat Halloween Costumes for the Family

Bat Halloween costumes for women, children, and even couples are a fun way to spend Halloween this year. Bats are a staple in Halloween displays but other than the typical superhero, Batman Halloween costumes, you rarely see bat Halloween costumes. That will make you stand out from the crowd. You can be a sexy bat, a […]

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Halloween Costumes

If you are a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas you will love these Jack Skellington Halloween Costumes and makeup. There are a few different versions. Just choose what you want and have fun! When Tim Burton came up with and produced this story he had another hit on his hands. Thanks to director Henry Selick, […]

Adults and Children Tweety Bird Halloween Costumes

Adults and Children Tweety Bird Halloween Costumes

Adults and children Tweety Bird Halloween costumes. I tawt I taw a puddy tat! Dress up as Tweety Bird for Halloween with the following costume kits for adults or children. You can find a costume in whatever size you need below. Are you looking for a Looney Tunes Tweety Bird costume for Halloween? He is one […]

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Costumes

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Costumes

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Costumes are based on a TV show for kids which is based on the timeless Peter Pan story. The team consists of Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and their parrot Skully. While searching for treasure, the little pirates fight Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and the crocodile, as is the tradition in the […]

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