Childrens Doctor Halloween Costumes

Chief Surgeon Childrens Doctor Halloween Costume

A chief surgeon childrens doctor Halloween costume kit that includes a childs size lab coat, top, hat and pants. Dress up your children as a doctor for Halloween this year!

This fun doctors costume kit comes in three sizes for children. For example: A Large fits a child size 12-14, or up to 100 pounds.

There are additional accessories for a doctor’s costume that are sold separately. Like a stethoscope or a doctors bag.  Or even a surgeon’s mirror to attach to the hat. Be sure to pick those up before placing your order.

These childrens doctor Halloween costumes are ideal for playing dress-up, stage performances, costume parties, Halloween and more.

Allow your children’s imagination to expand by playing dress up or role play in a doctors costume. They are perfect for a boy or a girl.

There are other childrens doctor Halloween costumes available below.

Other Childrens Doctor Halloween Costumes

Here are other childrens doctor Halloween costumes that you may like as well. Like a blue or pink scrub set. Plus several lab coat doctor costume kits for children.

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Do You Have Time For Comparison Shopping?

Check out these other retailers to find doctor costumes in stock or for lower prices. If you found a costume above you liked that was out of stock or priced out of your range, check these other retailers to see if they offer a better deal, or have the costume in stock.

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