Civil War Halloween Costumes From Both Sides of the War

Union and Confederate Civil War Costumes. The best Union and Confederate Civil War Costumes of the year. If you love the Civil War era, consider dressing up in a Civil War Costumes for Halloween this year!

Dress as a Civil War Union and Confederate Soldier or Officer.

There are Halloween Costumes in nearly every size and style possible. These costumes also make great reenactment uniforms for those who love to spend your weekends re enacting scenes from famous battles.

Civil War Halloween CostumesFeatured below are the best selling costumes, reenactment supplies and accessories, weapons and flags, plus Southern Belle outfits for all your trick or treating needs.

Let’s start with the South shall we?
Featured below are the best Rebel Costumes, Uniforms and Outfits

Be A Confederate General for Halloween

Dress as a confederate general for Halloween. Relive exciting battles in full dress adult Generals and soldiers uniforms for trick or treating. These uniforms includes grey jackets with gold buttons and gold cuffs, grey pants with gold stripe, and yellow sash.

Gloves, hat and sword are NOT included.

Check out all the uniforms featured below for the lowest prices and best deals on authentic reenactment uniforms. Halloween outfits for men and boys. Dress as a soldier or officer. There are several uniforms in nearly every size and style possible. Have fun for the holidays and enjoy quality time with your children.

Confederate Halloween Outfits and Uniforms

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men. These Officer adult costumes are perfect for trick or treating with your children or for battle recreations. Dress up as an officer of the Southern Army for Halloween.

Rebel Soldiers Caps

Confederate outfits and accessories for sale below. Get the perfect rebel cap to go with your Confederate officers outfits. Use these items to create the perfect costume for Halloween parties or battle groups. Confederate uniforms for kids and adults. Authentic head wear for the reenactments and trick or treating with your children.

Now for The Winning Side!

Here are Union Soldiers Costumes, Hats, Weapons and Flags for re-enactments or costumes.

Northern Officer and Soldiers Outfits

Soldiers Uniforms and Outfits for Men and Boys. Union Soldiers gear for Re-enactments. Put together the perfect outfit for the holiday with the following outfits for men and boys.

Union Soldiers Hats and Caps

Union Soldiers Hats for Re-enactments and camp meetings. These are the highest quality hats and caps from the Northern side of the battle. They are a great way to add the finishing touches to your outfits.

Rebel and Union Battle Flags

A rebel or union battle flag is a great way to finish off your costume. Here are the best looking flags from both sides of the war for sale below. Fly these flags on a stick to make your outfit look more authentic. Use them on the weekends when you and your friends gather to do reenactments. These battle flags are very high quality and made to last a very long time.

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