Clown Halloween Costumes for Kids

There are loads of kid clown costumes available.  Clown Halloween costumes for kids are available for boys and girls, kids, toddlers and infants.  These are not the scary kind of clowns but really cute and fun ones geared toward kids.  How could you resist little clown trick or treaters such as these at your door?

Clown costumes are one of the most common costumes but they also have endless variations, and there are always new interpretations of clowns.  If you have a dress up box for the kids to play with,  a clown costume would be a great addition.  I’m sure there would be many imaginative circuses and rodeos taking place!  Clowns are also a popular theme for birthday parties and a clown costume for the birthday child might be in order.

Many people are afraid of clowns, perhaps because there have been so many scary movies portraying clowns as evil. You will only find happy clowns on this page so don’t let “clown fear” deter you from reading.

Clown Halloween Costumes for Kids


Here’s a bunch of fresh new clown costumes for Halloween.  They are all clowns except for the black and red ringmaster tutu costume.  All are colorful, whimsical, playful, and fun!  These clowns are quite spectacular!  This set of costumes are all handmade by moms who are working from their homes to supplement the family’s income.  They are high quality and not something you’re going to find in any store.  I like to support the small home business when I can.

Clown tutu outfitPink Polka Dot Clown CostumeRed Polka Dot Big Top Circus ClownRing Leader Lion Tamer Master Tutu DressChildren’s Circus Clown Jester Tutu and TopHalloween Clown Costume4 Piece Clown CostumeBoys Circus Outfit

To see more unique handmade costumes for kids and adults just click on the orange Etsy banner below.

Clown Halloween Costumes for Kids


Here are some great new clown costumes from Costume Craze.  Halloween costumes tend to sell out quickly so this provides an alternate shopping place should your chosen costume be unavailable at Amazon.

This is an adorable bunch of Clown Costumes for kids! So cute with the stripes, polka dots, and pom poms that make the costumes interesting and fun. Hats and wigs are very cute accessories too. Great for trick or treating, a costume party, or a costume for a theater production.  There could be many occasions for dressing up in a clown costume.  Get some clown make up and paint your child’s face to match their clown costume.  Maybe find a big red nose.  Exaggerated white gloves would be cute as well.

Spanky Stripes ClownBig Top ClownPolka Dot ClownCutesy ClownBaby Doll CostumeCircus Clown

Candy Clown Costume

Clown Costumes for Kids for Halloween


Check out these cute kid clown Halloween costumes for kids.  You’ll find a traditional clown, a candy clown, a hobo type clown, and an awesome inflatable clown suit.  Cute and colorful!  There are several ways to embellish and enhance  kids clown costumes.  Imagination is the key!  After Halloween put the costumes in the dress up box for the kids to play with, or save the costume for the next little clown in the family.

Candy Clown Costume,Haunted House Child’sForum Novelties ClownFun World CostumesForum Novelties LittleRubie’s Child Inflatable


Face Painting for a Kids Clown Costume


You can get very creative with face paint for a clown.  This is where you can really customize and make it your own!  Here are a few ideas to get your imagination working.  Face painting is a skill that can be used for any festive occasion.  It’s not just for Halloween!

Face Painting Resources

The Usborne BookFace PaintingThe Face Painting

Clown Costume Accessories


Accessories are sometimes the thing that makes the costume.  You could even put together your own costume and then just accessorize it with clown shoes, face paint, a wig, or other accessories that you think of when you think of a clown.  Clown Halloween Costumes for Kids are a fun idea for dressing up.

Polka Dot Clown Socks Forum Jumbo Polka Dot Clown TieForum Jumbo Polka Dot Clown BowtieJumbo Clown Shoes Rainbow Stripes Children’s Clown Shoes, Blue and YellowRubie’s Costume Co – Squeeker HornOversized Felt Clown Top Hat Costume Clown Derby Hat Party AccessoryRainbow Suspenders (adjustable) Clown Wig, Multi-colorCircus Clown Clown Noses – 4/Pkg.Clown Glasses with NoseBang Gun with FlagRed Sequin Bow Tie Child Size White Polyester Gloves – 1 Pair

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