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Friendly Ghost Costume for Kids

You are shopping for the Friendly Ghost costume for kids and here are several from which to choose.

Depending on the age of your child you may want the big boys (or girls) Friendly Ghost costume that is shown below. For smaller toddlers you might choose a friendly ghost costume that doesn’t cover their face.

No matter what style friendly ghost costume for kids that you choose they will have a great time at the Halloween party or when you take them out trick or treating.

Many local stores and associations have also have fall festivals or hand out candy and treats that same night or weekend to allow your children to play and have fun in a more secure atmosphere. The Friendly Ghost costume might even allow them to make friends they would not normally meet.

Friendly Ghost Costume for Kids

This is a not a scary ghost! He or she is as friendly as Casper and just as cute!¬†You’re little one will love looking through the mesh eyes and seeing everyone while being able to fool their friends.

Friendly Ghost Costume for KidsBig Boys’ Friendly Ghost Costume

More Friendly Ghost Costumes for Kids and Toddlers

These friendly ghost costumes are aboosolutely adorable! Your toddler will be the center of attention at any costume party when they are dressed as a friendly ghost.

Baby's GhostBaby’s GhostGhost TutuGhost TutuBoo-tiful BallerinaBoo-tiful BallerinaCookie SpookieCookie SpookieCharlie BrownCharlie BrownGirly GhostGirly Ghost


Friendly Ghost Costumes for Kids

Below you will find several more costumes that your kids may like for Halloween. Keep the friendly ghost look or someone may call the Ghostbusters on you.

Kids Friendly Ghost CostumeKids Friendly Ghost CostumeGhost Tutu Toddler andGhost Tutu Toddler andFriendly Ghost Child CostumeFriendly Ghost Child CostumeGhost Girl Child CostumeGhost Girl Child Costume


Casper, The Friendly Ghost T-Shirts

If you are looking for a fun t-shirt to wear instead of a Halloween costume, you will love these Casper t-shirts.

Casper The Friendly GhostCasper The Friendly GhostCasper The Friendly GhostCasper The Friendly GhostCasper The Friendly GhostCasper The Friendly GhostCasper The Friendly GhostCasper The Friendly Ghost

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