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Futurama Bender Halloween Costumes

Futurama Bender Halloween costumes are fun for both adults and kids alike!

Bender is a fun costume and you won’t be like everyone else at the costume party.

Futurama is not a typical kids cartoon.

Bender is much of the time a bit snarky and a little bossy.

He is a great character costume to wear if you want to step out of your typical superhero mode this Halloween.

The Futurama Bender Halloween Costumes come in kids and adult sizes.

You can also find Leela and Fry costumes if you want to go as a group or family. And don’t forget Zoidberg!

Futurama Bender Halloween Costumes

Adult Bender Costume - STAdult Bender Costume – STAdult Bender Costume - ST

Futurama Halloween Costumes

There are several choices for Futurama Halloween costumes. Look at these other costume kits that Amazon has for sale.

Child Bender CostumeChild Bender CostumeFuturama Leela CostumeFuturama Leela CostumePlus Size BenderPlus Size BenderFuturama Fry CostumeFuturama Fry Costume


Other Futurama Bender Halloween Costumes

Adult Bender CostumeAdult Bender CostumeChild Bender CostumeChild Bender Costume


More Futurama Character Costumes

Dr. Zoidberg CostumeDr. Zoidberg CostumeWomens Futurama LeelaWomens Futurama LeelaZapp Brannigan CostumeZapp Brannigan CostumePlus Size BenderPlus Size Bender


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