Girls Hoodie Costumes

Are you looking for girls Halloween costume ideas? If so, I hope you’ll consider the girls hoodie costumes on this page. These girls Halloween costumes are a departure from the traditional. They are different enough that she most likely won’t see anyone else wearing the same costume.

Choose from tigress, zebra, black cat, and leopard costumes that are very stylish and will be great for a Halloween party or for trick or treating.

Mom will like these costumes because with an added pair of leggings, they are modest, and if Halloween night is chilly they will be somewhat warm.  Do something a little different this Halloween. These girls hoodie costumes can be worn beyond Halloween.

Drama Queens Leopard

 Girls Hoodie Costumes

These adorable hoodie costumes for girls feature cute ruffly skirts trimmed in bright colors, tails appropriate for the animal, and hoodies with ears.

Some of the outfits have matching gloves or other interesting details.  Add a pair of black Mary Janes or a pair of black flats and she’ll be good to go.

Choose from a leopard, zebra, leopard/cheetah, or a kitty.  Leggings and shoes are not included.

After Halloween these hoodie outfits can be worn for just hanging out.

Check out the next section for some different options such as Pokemon hoodie costumes and Wizard of Oz hoodie costumes.

Drama Queens LeopardRubie’s Drama QueensBlack Kitty HoodieRubie’s Drama Queens

More Halloween Hoodie Costumes for Girls

Here are some different choices for girls hoodie costumes for Halloween.  Choose from a Pokemon character, a Wizard of Oz character or maybe an animal.    Something else new is the pink princess cape.  Throw it over her princess dress to keep her warm and it won’t spoil the effect of her costume.

Charizard Child Hooded Costume Squirtle Hoodie CostumeJigglyPuff Hoodie CostumeGlinda Hoodie CostumeWizard of Oz Tin Man Hoodie Wicked Witch of the WestKit The Cat Child CostumeOwl Hoodie CostumeBlack Dragon Hoodie CostumePrincess Hoodie Cape

Girls Hoodie Costumes from

There’s a wide variety of girls hoodie costumes available.  Choose from a lion, wolf, cut little bat, fox and lots more.  Try something a little different this year and get her a hoodie costume!

Girls Lion KitGirls Wolf KitGirls Cozy Bat CostumeGirls Leopard CostumeGirls Sassy Cat CostumeSweet Girls Fox CostumeGirls Unicorn CostumeGirls Eskimo Costume

Halloween Hoodies for Girls

These are girl’s hoodies that can be used in a Halloween costume.  You may have to add some things such as a mask, pants, or leggings.  The nice thing about these hoodies is that they can be worn long after Halloween and they’ll be warm, especially with a t shirt layered underneath.  They are great for wearing to school or just hanging out.  Hoodies like these are some of my favorites for Halloween because you are not locked in to Halloween.

Girls’ Fleece Hoodie With Mesh MaskDisney Frozen Olaf Girls Costume HoodieDisney Big Girls’ Frozen Elsa HoodieMy Little Pony Pinkie Pie Costume Hoodie My Little Pony  Pinky Pie HoodieMy Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle Hoodie My Little Pony Fluttershy HoodieDiva The Pink Unicorn Child Hoodie Disney Lilo & Stitch Girls Costume HoodiePurple Unicorn Hoodie Kids CostumeAdventure Time BMO Girls Costume Hoodie DC Comics Batman Girls Costume Hoodie Snoopy Fleece Hoodie with EarsTotoro Gray and White Cosplay Hoodie

My Little PonyMy Little PonyChiaki Nanami GirlsMy Little PonyGirls & Women’sDisney Deluxe PinkSesame Street ElmoMy Little Pony

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