Girls Skeleton Halloween Costumes

Check out our girls skeleton Halloween costumes.  What could be more traditional than a skeleton costume for Halloween? Skeleton costumes are usually a striking black and white, but in this collection we have some colorful ones that are unusual, but very stylish.

Some of these skeleton costumes are quite elaborate, including such details as hats, and gloves.  Others include a skirt or a tutu.  No doubt about it though, these are fun costumes for girls!  Whether she’s going out trick or treating with friends, or going to a Halloween party, adorable skeleton costumes like these will be noticed and admired.

Girls Skeleton Halloween Costumes

These are some of the best girls skeleton Halloween costumes I’ve seen.  There’s a lot of detail to them and some great accessories.  Think about adding a wig and some great jewelry to make your costume even better.  A pair of tights would be a good addition, especially if it’s cold where you live.  This is a great skeleton costume for a girl.  The black and white striped tendrils on the skirt, the lace peeking out from underneath and the miniature hat are all adorable.

 Girl Steampunk Costume

Skeleton Halloween Costumes for Girls

This group of skeleton costumes are handmade and sold through Etsy, an online vintage and handmade site.  All of these costumes are handmade, and different than you’ll find at your usual Halloween merchant.  If you’re looking for something unique, this is a good place to shop.  If you want to order a handmade Halloween costume from Etsy, order early and give them plenty of time.

Skeleton Cat Dia de los Muertos CostumeHalloween skeleton pirate tutu

If you need cute accessories for your skeleton costume or if you need other Halloween items, Etsy is a great place to shop!

More Skeleton Costumes for Girls

She’ll be the cutest little skeleton around in one of these girls skeleton Halloween costumes.  Some are jazzed up with some color which is a fun twist.  Others are embellished with polka dot ruffles, tutus, or other accessories.

Girls Skeleton Costumes Skeleton Costume GirlsSkeleton Costume GirlsGirls Punk Skeleton CostumeSkeleton Costume GirlsGirls Skeleton Light-Up CostumePink Skeleton Costume GirlsGirl Skeleton CostumesMiss Bone Jangles Child CostumeBaby Skeleton Costume

Girls Skeleton Halloween Costumes From Costume Craze

Here are more girls skeleton Halloween costumes from another online Halloween merchant that will give you a few more adorable choices. These are quite fashionable and also have a little flair with the addition of some color, a little departure from the usual black and white.  There’s one with a cute pink tutu and pink accents and one with polka dot trim.  Most of all, they are fun and she will enjoy wearing one of them for Halloween.

Be sure to check and see what’s included with the costumes.  Sometimes components of the costume are sold separately.

Pink Skelton Costume GirlsSkeleton Bling Tween Girls CostumeSkeleton Sweetie Girls CostumeSkeleton Princess Girls CostumeToddler Skeleton CostumeSkeleton Girls Costume

Skeleton T-Shirt

It doesn’t get any simpler than this skeleton t-shirt. If you’re looking for something sweet and simple, this is it! It comes in several sizes in case anyone wants matching shirts. Throw on this tee with some black pants or a black skirt and you’re pretty much good to go!

Another great use for this shirt is for the the parents who want to coordinate with the kids.  Get one for the parent taking the kids out trick or treating and one for the parent staying home and handing out candy!

Skeleton Tee

Skeleton Costume Accessories

There’s some great cameo type jewelry here to go with your costume.  I love the skeleton cameos in a steampunk style.  Also find boney arm warmers, skeleton make up, and leggings.  If Halloween is cold as it tends to be in some parts of the country, leggings would be a good addition to your costume if it doesn’t come with them.  These are the kinds of accessories that really set off your costume.

Red Rose Skeleton Cameo Stud EarringsVictorian Steampunk Sugar Skull NecklaceLong Arm Warmer Fingerless Dress GlovesBlack & White Skeleton LeggingsBilly Bob Products Skeleton Feet Sandals –Tri Color Palette Skeleton Makeup

Girls Skeleton Halloween Costumes

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