Gordon Ramsay Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some Gordon Ramsay Halloween costume ideas! Do you like to throw plates around and say cuss words a lot? If so, these may be the costumes for you!

Do you want to dress up as famed chef Gordon Ramsay for Halloween this year? Want a costume that is hotter than Hell’s Kitchen? The only thing hotter is Gordon Ramsay himself! Here is everything you would need to dress like Gordon Ramsay for Halloween.

Gordon Ramsay is the star chef of the tv series Hell’s Kitchen. A wildly popular television series where guest chefs compete for a chance to manage a restaurant for Gordon Ramsay.

While this may not be the most popular costume idea of the year, it will be unique. Surely no one else will be dressed up as Gordon Ramsay for Halloween.

Gordon Ramsay Halloween Costume Ideas

Gordon Ramsay Halloween Costume IdeasHere is how to dress up a Gordon Ramsay for Halloween this year. It’s not a very hard costume to accomplish. You just need a few simple items to pull it off.

Start out with the blonde mens wig and use some hairspray to style it more like Mr Ramsey’s hair style. ¬†Gordon Ramsay’s typical daily attire consists of a professional white chef coat in short sleeve.

Gordon Ramsay likes to wear black chef pants. Plus, he is rarely seen without a wrist watch. He seems to prefer a nice classic style wrist watch with a black band and white clock face. Complete your Gordon Ramsay costume idea with a fake meat cleaver and a chef’s apron.

Men Blonde WigClassic Short Sleeves Chef CoatMen’s Professional Chef PantsTimex Men’s WatchFake Meat CleaverApron Commercial Restaurant

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Gordon Ramsay Halloween Costume Accessories

You could always carry along a Gordon Ramsay cookbook. This will help people understand the character you are trying to portray. When they ask “Who are you suppose to be?” Just hold up the Gordon Ramsay cookbook! After the holiday is over you can create some tasty meals for your family!

Gordon Ramsay’s Home CookingGordon Ramsay’s World Kitchen

That’s how to dress up like famed chef Gordon Ramsay for Halloween. A quick and simple costume idea for fans of the famous chef. Pulling off his accent may be harder to do! I will leave that one up to you. Don’t forget to cuss a lot and throw items around!

Want To Pick A Different Chefs Coat?

The chefs coat is easily the most important aspect of a Gordon Ramsay Halloween costume. So I have anticipated that you might need or want to shop for a different style or a lower price. Whatever reason you have, here are some other white short sleeve chef jackets that would be ideal for Gordon Ramsay Halloween costume ideas.

Short Sleeve Classic Chef CoatShort Sleeve Classic Chef CoatShort Sleeve Classic Chef CoatShort Sleeve Classic Chef Coat

Other Chef or Cooking Costume Ideas

Ok, you’re not convinced on the Gordon Ramsay Halloween costumes above? Would you like to try some other costume idea? Here are more chef and cooking Halloween costumes for men.

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