Green Army Man Halloween Costumes

Green Army Man Halloween Costumes lend themselves to a group costume.  Get your friends together and go out as a group of green army men. There are a few different costumes available and a few accessories you might want. Some of the costumes are built around a green morphsuit, and some consist of shiny clothing that will make you look like a plastic green army man. There are green plastic boot covers, a green army watch, and some masks. This can be a group costume or you can go as a single. It would be a good idea for a father and son too, because the costumes come in both adult and child sizes.  I’ve included costumes from a couple of different sources so you can check prices and compare.

Green Army Man Halloween Costumes

I know of a certain United States aircraft carrier that had green army men protecting its nuclear reactor.  The army men were placed in strategic spots around the reactor because if they were not, “gremlins” would invade the reactor and it would have glitches.  Put the green army men back, no glitches.  True story.  Green army men are a classic, having been around since at least the 50’s.

Green Army Man CostumeGreen Army Man Costume

Green Army Man Halloween Costumes

Green army men have been around for many, many years but they experienced a revival after making an appearance in the hit movie, Toy Story.  Wear your green army man costume to an office party, a Halloween run, or go out trick or treating in it.  You might need to pick up some green face paint or make up too.  Keep scrolling down to find some choices for green face paint.

Green Army ManDeluxe Green ArmyChild Green ArmyAdult Green ArmyGreen Army ManGreen Army ManChildren’s Green LatexINFANTRY Men’s SoldierArmy Man HalloweenCamouflage CAMO NeopreneMen Full FaceCarhartt Men’s Force

Green Face Paint and Make Up

Green army man Halloween costumes might need a little accessorizing.  If your costume doesn’t come with a mask or you don’t want to wear one, green face paint is a great alternative.  You can do plain green or maybe camo.

Makeup Cream –Rubie’s Green CreamHunters Specialties CamoCamcon Face Paint,

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