Marilyn Monroe Costume for Dogs

Marilyn Monroe Costume for Dogs. Dress up your family pet as the silver screen starlet herself – Marilyn Monroe for Halloween.

A cute costume for female dogs that features a blonde wig and a white dress with extra something something in the chest area to represent the voluptuous Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn Monroe Costume for Dogs are perfect for Halloween. They are also great for taking photographs of your beloved pet.

Marilyn Monroe Costume for Dogs

No, you aren’t seeing doubles and they aren’t twin puppies! It’s the same pets costume available on two websites! You get to shop for the best price by clicking both images and finding the best deal for you!

HALLOWEENCOSTUMES.COM – Pet Marilyn Monroe CostumeAMAZON.COM – Silver Screen Starlet Pet Costume – Large

  • This Marilyn Monroe dog costume includes the white dress with front cleavage and iconic blonde wig.
  • The pet Marilyn Monroe dog costume comes in sizes Large, Small, Medium, X-Small.
  • Dress your pooch as America’s favorite blonde bombshell with our Marilyn Monroe dog costume.

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Dress up your family pet as the King of Pop or the Queen of Pop with these cute dog costumes for Halloween. The Blonde Ham-bition Dog Costume and the Pet Pop King Costume are two very popular pet costumes this year.

HALLOWEENCOSTUMES.COM – Blonde Ham-bition Dog CostumeHALLOWEENCOSTUMES.COM – Pet Pop King Costume

Marilyn Monroe T-shirts for Pets

Here are cute pet t-shirts and hoodies with an image of Marilyn Monroe on them. These could make nice pet gifts for owners or use them as a Halloween costume for your pet.

Marilyn Monroe Padded Floral GreenMarilyn Monroe Padded Floral Green

Female Dog Halloween Costumes at

You love your precious family pet, so why not let her in on the fun during Halloween? Imagine how cute your female dog would look in any of these adorable Halloween costumes for female dogs.

Fun Pet Costumes from

Ok so you didn’t decide on a Marilyn Monroe pet costume? Here are some more popular pet Halloween costumes. My personal favorite is the hot dog in a bun costume!! Which one do you like best?

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