Mens Headless Man Halloween Costume

Here is the most popular mens headless man Halloween costume. This headless man costume includes a black robe with shoulder piece for the headless part.

Looking for something different to wear on Halloween? I have the perfect idea for a costume that can win awards at a Halloween costume party.

Sure, this idea has been done before. It’s nothing new, but not many people go with this idea during Halloween. Making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for something strange, weird, and not worn by every other guy at the party!

Mens Headless Man Halloween Costumes

These Mens Headless Man Halloween Costumes are available on Dress up in the creepiest Halloween costume in the room with either of these two costumes.

Adult Headless Man CostumeAdult Headless Man Costume

Mens Headless Man Halloween Costume

This men’s headless horseman Halloween costume comes in standard sizes. Click the image below for further information. Combine with some zombie makeup for seriously wicked costume idea for Halloween this year. This Halloween season, bring the legend of Sleepy Hollow to life in this Adult Headless Horseman Costume.

Adult Headless Man Costume

More Mens Headless Man Halloween Costume

Here are more options for men’s headless man Halloween costumes in various sizes. There are even a few in child sizes below. Father and son can dress up in matching costumes for the holiday this year.

Headless Horseman CostumeHeadless Horseman Adult CostumeJeeves, the Headless Butler Adult CostumeMen’s Ghost Headless Butler CostumeHeadless Ghost Head HolderChild Headless Boy

Don’t forget the family pet on Halloween!

Include the family pet in your costume idea! Dress up the dog in a Headless Man Halloween Costume! Here are some fun pet costumes for your dog.

Dog Riders Headless Horseman Pet CostumeDog Headless Horseman Costume Pet Rider

Pick A Blood Stained Weapon To Complete Costume

Besides a pair of shoes, which I am sure you already have, you will need a blood soaked weapon to complete the headless man costume. Here are several blood stained knifes to pick from. None of these items are very expensive and anyone of these will complete the look you are going after.

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