Morphsuits and Spandex Bodysuits for Halloween

Morphsuits for Halloween

Well, here’s something different for Halloween. Morphsuits and Spandex bodysuits for Halloween is a costume idea with a lot of possibilities! There are themed morphsuits such as American flag or several versions of a skeleton including a glow-in-the-dark one. There’s a suit that looks like you’ve been skinned and your muscles are exposed. That one could be rather shocking for Halloween!  Then there’s a tuxedo and a pin stripe gangster suit.  Some of these costumes are called “second skin.”

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Morphsuits are body hugging Lycra or Spandex.  Even your face and head are covered.  You can breathe through it and even drink through it and see out of it, but no one can see you.  Choose from tie dye, leopard print, or checks.  With a Morphsuit you can be a little green alien if you choose.  Morphsuits make some of the best scary clown costumes!

Kids MorphsuitKids Morphsuit


Morphsuit  and Spandex Bodysuits for Halloween

Here is a great selection of morphsuits for Halloween from and!  There are morphsuits with beating hearts, an incredibly creepy clown, and some morphsuits for kids.  These are really fun costumes!  Shop early for the best selection.  You may see some duplicates on the page.  They are from different merchants and provided so you can shop around.

Clown MorphsuitDigital Dudz Beating Heart Muscle MorphsuitDigital Dudz Beating Heart Zombie MorphsuitWitch Morphsuit

Second Skin Halloween Costumes

This group of second skin Halloween costumes are great!  Choose from a hang man, camo, a mime, mummy, sky, or a crash dummy.  These are unique costumes that will be a hit for Halloween.  This is a great selection of morphsuits and Spandex bodysuits for Halloween from  Seriously, with a morphsuit and some imagination you can come up with a fantastic costume that no one else will have.

Hangman Second SkiinSky Second Skin SuitCrash Dummy Second SkinMummy Second SkinMime Second SkinAdult King Cobra MorphsuitAdult The Zombie MorphsuitChild Camouflage Second SkinAdult Grass Second Skin SuitDarth Maul 2nd Skin SuitKids Floating Ghost Skin SuitSesame Street Adult Ernie Skin Suit

Morphsuits for Adults and Children for Halloween

Morphsuits come in sizes for adults and children and they come in many different themes.  There are plain colors as well, which would be fun to accessorize.  A plain Morphsuit with a tutu comes to mind.  A plain Morphsuit with a cute kitchen apron.  The black one could be the basis for a cat costume and the white one could be a ghost.  How about a big bodacious hat, heels, a Morphsuit and nothing else?   I’m sure you can think of lots of imaginative ideas for a Morphsuit costume.  A Morphsuit or Spandex bodysuit is a good costume for any age.  Morphsuits aren’t just for Halloween.  Look at that patriotic American flag suit.  It would be great for the 4th of July parade, and certainly unique.  Super morphsuits and Spandex bodysuits for Halloween from Amazon!  Morphsuits are a unique costume if you want to stand out from the crowd!

Morphsuits Morphsuit Flag USA,Morphsuits Premium MuscleMorphsuits Kids Premium TuxedoMorphsuits Premium GangsterMorphsuits Kids Premium AlienMorphsuits Premium Tie DyeMorphsuits Premium LeopardMorphsuits Premium BW CheckMorphsuits Premium Glow SkeletonMorphsuits MorphKids Monster TheAdult Skeleton Morphsuit –White Skeleton Morphsuit |BlackSunnyDay Lycra Spandex SkeletonFull Body Spandex SuitChild’s Black Second SkinMorphsuits Morphsuit Original, Blue,Child’s Green Second SkinChild’s Orange Second SkinChild’s Purple Second SkinMorphsuits Morphsuit Original, White,

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Morphsuit Halloween Costumes

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