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Octopus Costumes for Halloween

Octopus Costumes for Halloween are fun and a bit unusual.  Isn’t this a great octopus costume for a baby?  So cute and so fun for taking baby out and about on Halloween.  There are several great octopus costumes for babies and toddlers on this page.

It was a little more difficult finding octopus costumes for adults but I did find a few things.

There’s also one for your dog should he or she want to join in on the Halloween fun.  If you have a dog that doesn’t mind dressing up perhaps it would be fun for them to greet your guests.  Click on the images to browse or purchase.  Make sure to order early so you are assured of getting the costume you want.

Love this adorable purple octopus costume for a baby.

 Child Octopus Costume


Octopi are extremely smart, clever, and masters of disguise, able to change color due to environment or emotion.  They’ve been called the world’s smartest invertebrate.  Scroll down to check out the octopus video below.

Octopus Costumes for Halloween

Here is a selection of cute octopus costumes for babies, toddlers, and kids. If you plan to dress up your baby for Halloween these are a fun choice.

If your older child wants to be an octopus for Halloween there’s a costume for him too.

If you like to do something a little bit different than the mainstream, think about an octopus costume.

Baby Octopus Costume Child Octopus Costume Octopus Halloween Costumes Kids Kids Octopus Costumes Octopus Costume KidsToddler Octopus Costume

Stunning Ursula The Sea Witch Costume

This is an exquisite handmade Ursula the Sea Witch costume from Etsy.  This stunning dress is suitable for theater productions, dance, cosplay, or Halloween.  Constructed of black lace, taffeta, satin, and organza, this Ursula costume will most assuredly be the star of the show. The costume is made to order according to the measurements you specify.  There is only one available so if you want it, make sure you place your order early!

Custom Costume - Ursula The Sea WitchCustom Costume – Ursula The Sea Witch


Octopus Costumes for Adults

Here’s a few octopus costumes for adults. There are several versions of Ursula, the villainous octopus character from The Little Mermaid movie.  Ursula would be a fun octopus costume for Halloween.  She was such a great villain and perfectly cast.

 Disney Plus-Size Plus Size Ursula Kid’s Or Adult Octopus Hat Disney The Little Mermaid Sassy Ursula


Octopus Costume AdultsAdult Sea Witch Octopus CostumeAdult Octopus CostumeOctopus Kigurumi – Adult Costume

An Octopus Costume for the Dog

We can’t leave out the dogs. Isn’t this a great costume for the dog? Once again, it’s unusual and you probably won’t see too many other doggie octopi on Halloween night. These two are the same costume. I included both pictures so you could see how it looks on different dogs.  Do they have a Halloween parade where you live?  It would be fun to take your doggie/octopus in the parade.  Octopus costumes for Halloween should definitely include the dog.

 Octo-Hound Dog Costume,

Octopus Costume Accessories

There’s some great octopus jewelry here that would go great with the Ursula costumes.  Aren’t those steampunk octopi nice looking?  There are some octopus pendants that change color too.  These would be the finishing touch on an octopus costume, and of course, could be worn after Halloween.  Perfect to go with octopus costumes for Halloween.

Steampunk Octopus Nautical Necklace Steampunk Octopus Nautical Earrings

Octopus Costumes for Halloween




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