Pac Man Halloween Costumes

Pac Man Halloween Costumes. You can dress up as a character from the video game Pac Man or Ms Pac Man this year for Halloween. If you have been wondering where you can find the best Pac Man costumes, look no further than right here!

There are costumes for adults below. Men and women can dress up in couples costumes as Pac Man and Ms Pac Man for Halloween. Plus, there are several fun costumes for children of all ages for sale below too. I’m going to show you many costumes from several retailers. This way you can find the best deal and a costume that is in stock.

The original video game hit of the 1980’s comes to life as a fun costume to wear for trick or treating or to costume parties. Click on the images below to see details or to place an order.

Pac Man Halloween Costumes In All Sizes

Woompa woompa woompa, you remember the sound of the game! Now, you can live out the life of the dot chewing video game hero known as Pac Man for a single day on Halloween. There are costumes of all sizes for sale below. Adults and kids alike can get in on the act this year! Just click on the images to see more details and to place your order!

Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man Costume SetPacMan Deluxe CostumePac-Man Kids CostumePac-Man Pinky Kids Costume

Pac Man Costumes from

Are you looking for a better price? Here are some of the same Pac Man costume kits as above and below, but these are from a different online retailer. Perhaps they have lower prices on these costumes. It might be worth your time to check on these prices before you order. You may be able to save a few bucks.

Deluxe Adult Pac Man CostumeDeluxe Child Pac Man CostumeMs Pac Man 3D CostumePac Man Deluxe Child Costume

Sexy Pac Man Halloween Costume

Ladies, here are sexy video game costume in the Pac Man theme. Wear one of these to an adults costume party! These are some of the best Pac Man costumes for women.

Pac Man Video Game CostumePac-Man Pinky Tank DressMs. Pac-Man Tank DressMs Pac Man 3D Costume

Other Pac Man Halloween Costumes

Here are several more choices and styles to pick from. Pick out the perfect costume for your own style below. Click on the images for more details about each costume. If you are looking for couples costume ideas or group costume ideas, you can find those below too.

Pac-Man CostumePac-Man Child CostumeChild Pac Man CostumePac-man Adult JumpsuitMen’s Pacman CostumePac-Man Plush Costume

Pac Man Ghosts Halloween Costumes

Would you rather be one of the ghost that chase Pac Man around the screen? You can! Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Clyde are the names of the ghost characters on the video game. Plus the blue ghosts are available as a Halloween costume too.

Power Pellet CostumePac-Man Blinky Tank DressPac-Man Blinky CostumePac-Man Pinky CostumePac-Man Blinky Kids CostumePac-Man Inky Kids CostumePac-Man Inky Tank DressPac-Man Pinky Costume

Unique Pac Man Halloween Costumes

Here are some unique costume kits that you won’t see very often. One is a Pac Man video game screen costume for adults and the other is a child size Betrayus costume kit.

Video Game Screen CostumeChild Betrayus Costume

Group Costume Sets for Women

Grab your girl friends and dress up as characters from the video game Pac Man. Here are easy to order group Pac Man Halloween costumes in sets of 4 and 5 costumes.

Pac-Man Costume Set Of 4Pac-Man Costume Set Of 5

Men’s Pacman Business Suit? Yep They Have It!

I almost couldn’t believe it! There is a Men’s Business Suit in a Pacman theme! You gotta check this out! It would make a pretty cool Pacman Halloween costume don’t you think?

Pac-Man Standard CostumePac-Man Standard CostumeMen's OppoSuits Pacman SuitMen’s OppoSuits Pacman Suit

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