Pokemon Halloween Costumes for Girls and Boys

There are a lot of Pokemon Halloween costumes for girls and boys to choose from, and they can be used for either Halloween or Cosplay. Pokemon has been around for a number of years but it has come roaring back this year with the debut of the new augmented reality game, Pokemon Go.

Everywhere you go you see people with their smart phones trying to catch Pokemon, trying to take over a gym, or looking for a Poke spot.

I suspect we’ll see a lot of Pokemon costumes this Halloween.

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The characters are very unique and everyone has their favorite.  Which one is/was yours?

We’ve collected a good selection of the different Pokemon characters here on this page.  You’ll find Ash Ketchum, Team Rocket, Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Misty, and many other great characters.

Kids still like Pokemon and I’m sure there are plenty of “big kids” who would like to wear Pikachu or Ash for old time’s sake!  These would be great costumes for those planning  a group costume for Halloween.  Become a Pokemon trainer and catch them all!

Pokemon Girl Pikachu Costume Dress

Pokemon Halloween Costumes for Girls and Boys

These Pokemon Halloween costumes for girls and boys are from Amazon.com and include a pretty good variety of Pokemon characters.  Pikachu is always a favorite and we have the Black one called Umbreon as well.  Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur, Charizard, and Squirtle, as well as Jessie and James who comprise Team Rocket, provide more variety to choose from.

Pokemon Child’s Pikachu Costume Pokemon Pikachu Costume DressPikachu Pokemon Kigurumi – Pajama Pikachu Adult Cosplay Costume Pikachu Cosplay Costume Kigurumi Black Pikachu Umbreon HoodieCharizard Child Hooded Costume Charizard CostumeJigglypuff Child Hooded Costume Squirtle Child Hooded Costume Bulbasaur Child Hooded Costume Pokemon Child’s Ash Costume Squirtle Child CostumeCostume Fleece Torchic Team Rocket James CostumeTeam Rocket Jessie Costume

Pokemon Halloween Costumes from EZCosplay

The costumes from EZCosplay are a bit different because they are all made especially for you when you order.  They ask for your measurements so the costume will fit you perfectly.   Pokemon characters that aren’t available at Amazon, such as Umbreon are found here so this will give you some more choices.  Make sure you give them plenty of time and order early for a custom fitted costume!

Pokemon Misty Cosplay CostumePokemon Team Neo PlasmaPokemon Ruby Cosply CostumePokemon Ash Ketchum Red JacketPokemon Ranger Kellyn Cosplay Pokemon Umbreon Hoodie CostumePokemon Jesse Cosplay CostumePokemon James Cosplay CostumePokemon Ash Ketchum Cosplay Pokemon Dawn Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Costumes for Everyone

I’ve included Pokemon Halloween costumes from a few online merchants so you can do some comparison shopping and maybe find the best price.  As we get closer to Halloween, some merchants will run out of things so this will give you alternate places to shop, should that happen.  Make sure you order your Pokemon costumes early to be assured of getting what you want, especially this year with the popularity of Pokemon Go.

Womens Pikachu CostumeWomens I Am Pikachu Pokemon HoodiePokemon Big Face Pikachu LaplanderBoys Charizard CostumeChild Jessie Team Rocket WigGirls Pokemon Charizard CostumeChild Squirtle CostumeAdult Jessie Team Rocket CostumeChild James Team Rocket Costume

EZcosplay Halloween Banner

Pokemon Halloween Costumes


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