Sexy Tomb Explorer Halloween Costume


Sexy Tomb Explorer Halloween Costume. Remember the Tomb Raider movies with Laura Croft? Or the video game series? With the following costume kits you can dress up as a sexy Tomb Raider for Halloween.

This Tomb Raider costume comes with everything you will need. You get the cute top and shorts, as well as the backpack and belt with gun holsters. You even get the two toy guns to complete your Halloween costume.

This costume is made from really good materials too. It is sure to last a long time. The costume kits are available in sizes extra small to large. There are plus size costumes featured below as well.

Sexy Tomb Explorer Halloween Costume

Are you looking for a high quality tomb explorer costume for Halloween? Look how cute this sexy Tomb Explorer Halloween costume is. Click on the image for more details about this cute costume for women.

 Women’s Tomb Raider Lara Croft Costume


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More Sexy Tomb Explorer Halloween Costumes

Want to try another style? Here is a different version of Sexy Tomb Explorer Halloween Costume. Click on the image for more details about this cute Halloween costume for women.

Women's Tomb Fighter CostumeWomen’s Tomb Fighter CostumeSexy Knee High BootsSexy Knee High Boots


Create Your Own Laura Croft Costumes

There are many choices for sexy costumes for Halloween.If you can’t decide on the sexy tomb raider costume above, maybe you can piece together a costume with the following items. Click on the images to see more details about these items.

LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER WigLARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER WigTop Moda Women BootsTop Moda Women BootsSexy Lara Croft Holster Belt BuckleSexy Lara Croft Holster Belt Buckle3-Piece Drop Leg Gun Holster3-Piece Drop Leg Gun Holster


Need A Black Hair Wig For Your Costume?

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