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Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

You are looking for fun Zombie Halloween costume ideas and I have several here. You’ll look zombie-awesome!

The Zombie outbreak seems to still be in full epidemic mode so you need to fit in to keep from being dinner!

Take a look below at the very real looking zombie F/X. You can add these to almost any costume and have people move out of your way. Some are gory and pretty scary while others are little more mild.

You can turn nearly any clothing into a zombie costume by adding th gore effects. Zombie Halloween costume ideas are easily assembled when you give it just a little thought.


Zombie Halloween Costume Effects

Reel F/X Love ScratchReel F/X Love Scratch


Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

When you give these zombie Halloween costume ideas a few tweaks you will have a costume that not only draws attention but will scare the daylights out of your unsuspecting prank victims.

Reel F/X Clawed ClawReel F/X Clawed ClawReel F/X Spiked SpikeReel F/X Spiked SpikeReel F/X Chomped BiteReel F/X Chomped BiteReel F/X Ouch OpenReel F/X Ouch OpenReel F/X Torn UpReel F/X Torn UpReel F/X Machete WoundReel F/X Machete WoundReel F/X Bullet WoundReel F/X Bullet WoundReel F/X Raw MeatReel F/X Raw Meat


Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

If you don’t have time for feel like it takes too much imagination or effort to put together your own, I have some zombie Halloween costume ideas shown below that are all inclusive. Add a great pair of shoes or a wig a little makeup if you choose and you are set.

Female Complete Zombie AdultFemale Complete Zombie AdultSKELETON ZOMBIESKELETON ZOMBIEMen's Complete 3D ZombieMen’s Complete 3D ZombieWomen's Living Dead Costume,Women’s Living Dead Costume,


Graphic Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some fun ideas for zombie costumes too. You can select just theĀ portions you want and mix and match for a costume that will cause zombies to run!


Bloody Brain Headpiece One-SizeBloody Brain Headpiece One-SizeWalking Dead Split JawWalking Dead Split JawFaux Real Men's ZombieFaux Real Men’s ZombieBlood and Guts CorsetBlood and Guts CorsetWomen's Zombie Female T-Shirt,Women’s Zombie Female T-Shirt,High School Horror ZombieHigh School Horror ZombieScreaming Corpse Overhead Mask,Screaming Corpse Overhead Mask,Slashed Eye ProstheticSlashed Eye Prosthetic


Create Your Own Zombie Costume

High school kids are well known for being great zombies! Select a Letterman jacket or a high school girls student uniform, add a few effects and you can be hotĀ and scary all at once.

Star Wars Men's TeamStar Wars Men’s TeamVarsity Jacket American BaseballVarsity Jacket American BaseballHigh School Host ClubHigh School Host ClubWomens British Style HighWomens British Style High


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