American Pickers Halloween Costumes

Funny American Pickers Halloween Costumes. How do you make an American Pickers Halloween costume when the guys just wear regular clothes. They don’t leave much room for a Mike and Frank costume from American Pickers.

So, why not get creative and make a funny costume for Halloween that represents American Pickers from the History Channel. Dress up in head to toe American flag gear and grab a picker stick and you have yourself an American Pickers Halloween costume!

Everything you need to make your own costume for Halloween is below. Have fun!

American Pickers Halloween Costumes

With This United States Flag T-Shirt. You can’t just dress up in regular clothes and call that an American Pickers Halloween Costume. So get crazy and take your costume idea to a whole new level with a USA Flag outfits and some crazy looking hair!

American Pickers Halloween CostumesAmerican Pickers Halloween Costumes

More USA Flag T-shirts

These U.S.A. Flag t-shirts are perfect for making unique American Pickers Halloween Costumes. USA Flag t-shirts are a great way to make any United States themed outfit for trick or treating or office parties. Take your pick from the following American themes t-shirts and create a costume that is unique and unlike any other you might come across.


Add Some U.S.A. Flag Pants

These American flag pants are a good choice for your unique outfit for Halloween. Add a picker stick and a crazy patriotic colored wig and you are set to go trick or treating as an real American.


More American Flag Pants To Create An Outfit For Halloween

All over USA flag prints on skinny pants. These pants for men and women are great for creating a unique look for the holiday.


A Picker Stick For Your Costume

The “Picker” in The American Pickers Halloween Costume. This Picker Stick will put the “picker” in your U.S.A. themed outfit. I can promise you that no one else will be wearing such a crazy outfit idea for Halloween.


Now You Need A Crazy USA Colored Wig

Make Your Costume Real Crazy With A Patriotic Wig. Add some wild and wacky red, white, and blue patriotic wigs to your USA costume. Crazy hair wigs will take your funny costume idea to a whole new level.


American Pickers T-shirts

Officially Licensed T-shirts for sale below. These t-shirts are perfect for fans of the show. If you or someone you know enjoy watching American Pickers on TV, I am sure you would enjoy any of these t-shirt as well!


American Flag T-shirts for Trick Or Treating

T-shirts are great for teenagers and adults who don’t want to get dressed up for the holiday. Go ahead and get in on the fun with one of these USA flag t-shirts! These are some of my favorite t-shirts that would help make a cool outfits for the holiday.


I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas. Try something different this year and create your own unique look for trick or treating, or your office party. If you enjoyed my web page, please consider leaving a comment below. If you know a friend who could use these ideas, hit the social share buttons and let them know about my web page. I appreciate all the help you can give for spreading the word about my web page.

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