Chef and Lobster Group Costume

Chef and lobster group costume is a unique idea for a couple’s or a group Halloween costume.  On this page you’ll find chef coats for men and women, lobster costumes for a baby, and some lobster bibs.  These are the foundation of a humorous chef and lobster group costume for a family or a group of friends.  It reminds me of the scene in the Little Mermaid movie where the French chef finds Sebastian the crab in his kitchen.  That’s the general idea here.

You can also turn things around and make the child the chef and the adults can be the lobsters.

Make sure you scroll down far enough to see everything.  You should find everything you need for a Chef and lobster group costume.

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 Baby Lobster Costume


Chef Coats for Men

With the exception of the last one, these are all actual chef’s coats.  They’re going to be more sturdy than a costume and should last for Halloween night and beyond should have have need for a chef’s costume in the future.

Chef JacketChef JacketChef Designs CoatChef Designs CoatChef JacketChef JacketMens Chef CoatMens Chef Coat


Chef Coats for Women

All of these are actual chef’s coats for women, sturdy and authentic.  These chef’s coats will hold up and won’t fall apart.  Perfect for a Chef and Lobster Group Costume!

Women's Chef JacketWomen’s Chef JacketChef Coat for WomenChef Coat for WomenLadies Chef CoatLadies Chef CoatChef Jacket for WomenChef Jacket for Women

Chef Hats

For your Chef and Lobster Group Costume

A chef costume wouldn’t be complete without an authentic chef’s hat.  These hats are perfect!

Chef and Lobster Group CostumeChef and Lobster Group CostumeChef HatChef HatChef HatChef HatChef HatChef Hat


Lobster Costumes from Etsy

Delightful handmade lobster costumes for a chef and lobster group costume.  Lobster costumes for kids and babies.  If you want to include the dog there’s even a costume for him!  It comes in both small and large sizes.

Kids Lobster Toddler CostumeLobster Costume for Dog

Lobster Costumes for Babies and Kids

Here is the lobster part of the group costume.  There’s a shrimp costume thrown in for good measure just in case you have a couple of little ones to outfit.  Who could resist a sweet little red lobster?

Chef and Lobster Group CostumeChef and Lobster Group CostumeShrimp CostumeShrimp CostumeBaby Lobster CostumeBaby Lobster CostumeToddler Lobster HalloweenToddler Lobster HalloweenChild Lobster CostumeChild Lobster CostumeInfant Lobster CostumeInfant Lobster Costume


Chef Costumes for Kids

Now we are turning things around!  What if the child was the chef and the adults were the lobsters?  Look at these cute little chefs costumes.

Baby Chef CostumeBaby Chef CostumeInfant Chef CostumeInfant Chef CostumeCute Newborn Chef UniformsCute Newborn Chef UniformsToddler Chef CostumeToddler Chef Costume


Lobster Costumes for Adults

Here are some great choices for lobster costumes if the adults are going to be the lobsters.

Lightweight Lobster CostumeLightweight Lobster CostumeLobster Mascot CostumeLobster Mascot CostumeWomens Rock Lobster CostumeWomens Rock Lobster CostumeWomen's Lobster DressWomen’s Lobster Dress


 Men’s Felt Lobster Hat Lobster Hat



Lobster Bibs

The diner in this scenario must have a lobster bib like they give you in a lobster restaurant.  They could dress in street clothes and possibly carry a knife and fork.

 Lobster Bibs Lobster Bibs Chef and Lobster


Stock Pots

If you’d like a prop for this group costume, how about a stock pot? Here’s a good selection.  Perfect for cooking that sweet little succulent lobster and great substitute for a trick or treat bag!

Stock PotStock PotStock PotStock PotLobster PotLobster PotChef and LobsterChef and Lobster


Chef and Lobster Group Costumes




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