Cigarette Girl Halloween Costumes

Cigarette Girl Halloween Costumes. Do you remember cigarette girls from the old days? While long forgotten, the theme remains a popular choice for Halloween costume ideas.

Cigarette girls were employed in areas that served food and drinks, or theaters where movies were shown or where plays were performed. These Cigarette girls, as they were called, would roam the aisle with trays of cigarettes, cigars and snacks to sell to the patrons.

A Cigarette girls uniform were often pretty sexy looking. Showing off a woman’s curves. Commonly, cigarette girls were used as eye candy to attract male patrons into a store. Therefore, cigarette girl Halloween costumes are a great idea for a Halloween costume this year.

Vintage Cigarette Girl Halloween Costume

Cigarette girl outfits most often included a saloon dress with a hat that matched. Plus, they often included mesh leggings as well. There are several cigarette girl costumes to pick from this year. Here are two styles of cigarette girl costumes for women. Pick from a white with black trim outfit, or the red with black trim costume.

Sexy White Cigarette Girl CostumeVintage Cigarette Girl Costume

Adults Cigarette Girl Halloween Costumes

You can also find these cigarette girl costumes available from sellers on Amazon. Because everyone likes to shop at Amazon right?! They also have wigs and boots that will look great with your costume. Order what you need below.

Vintage Cigarette Girl CostumeVintage Cigarette Girl CostumeElegant Cigarette Girl CostumeElegant Cigarette Girl CostumeDazzling Flapper CostumeDazzling Flapper CostumeSwingin' In Sequins CostumeSwingin’ In Sequins CostumeFlapper Costume Roaring 20sFlapper Costume Roaring 20sGreat Gatsby Flapper Girl CostumeGreat Gatsby Flapper Girl Costume


Cute Cigarette Girl Halloween Costumes

Would you rather buy your cigar girl costume at Amazon? You can find a great deal on fun costumes from this retailer. So, here are the cigarette girl costumes that you will find on Amazon. So, you can get your hot costume right here.

Playboy Cigarette Girl Adult CostumeWomen’s Cigarette Girl Costume SetCigarettes Girl CostumeCigar Girl Costume

Make Your Own Cigarette Girl Halloween Costume

Do you want to make a unique costume for the holiday? Here are things you can use to make your own costume ideas. So, there is a wig, a corset, jacket and skirt, plus a cigarette holder. Order yours below.

Cigar Girl Wig Adult BlackCigarette Girl CorsetWomen’s Cigarette Girl Jacket and SkirtSmiffys 20’S Style Cigarette Holder

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