Clint Eastwood Costume For Halloween

A Clint Eastwood Costume for Halloween is going to be easy and look great!  Clint Eastwood and the Spaghetti Westerns are firmly ingrained in our popular culture. Is there anyone who hasn’t seen them?  A Clint Eastwood costume for Halloween is easy to put together and pretty comfortable too. Jeans, shirt, poncho, hat, and cowboy boots are things that you might even already own. If you do not own these items, we have some of them for sale right here on this page. There are also accessories such as replica guns, spurs, and hat bands like Clint Eastwood used.
It would be easy to assemble a Clint Eastwood costume for either kids or adults. They are not just for Halloween either. Think costume party or maybe a community theater production.  This is a costume that is useful beyond Halloween because you can always wear boots, jeans and a hat.

Clint Eastwood Costumes and Accessories

These Clint Eastwood items are from Halloween Some of the same items are listed below from This will enable you to do some comparison shopping and decide where you’d like to buy them. The quintessential Clint Eastwood look includes the poncho, vest, and maybe a scarf or bandana. You can wear your own jeans and for other accessories such as a hat, gun, and boots, scroll further down the page. Be sure not to smile and you’ll have the look down pat. It’s a comfortable costume without a lot of fuss.

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood HatWestern gun beltMen’s Cowboy Boots

Clint Eastwood Costume for Halloween

This Clint Eastwood costume has all of the essential parts, down to the boots and spurs!  If you’re looking for a manly costume you can’t go wrong with Clint Eastwood.  This one is a set that’s already assembled for you.

Men’s Authentic Wandering Gunman Dress Set, Brown/White/Blue

Popular Clint Eastwood Items

Here are some items that can be used for a Clint Eastwood costume for Halloween.  Clint needs a poncho, of course, and here is the perfect vest and some spurs.  One of the nice things about this costume is that so many of the parts can be reused or recycled.  The boots, jeans, vest, hat and poncho can be worn for every day. Many of the other accessories could be recycled into another cowboy costume.

Clint Eastwood Western Cowboy VestClint Eastwood Style Spaghetti Western Spurs – Clint Eastwood Poncho 100% Wool BrownDel Mex Classic Mexican Blanket Poncho, RedEastwood Style Designer Diamond PonchoEastwood Style Spaghetti Western Poncho

Best Clint Eastwood Costume for Halloween

Smiffy’s Men’s AuthenticMen’s Lonesome CowboySmiffy’s Men’s AuthenticClint Eastwood Boot

Best Hats for a Clint Eastwood Halloween Costume


You’ve got to have the right hat for a Clint Eastwood look. These hats have the right shape.  There’s even a child’s hat if you’re putting together a Clint Eastwood costume for a child.  The hat is an important part of a Clint Eastwood costume so don’t skip it and make sure you get the right shape!

Authentic Western WanderingSharpshooter Joe KiddSharpshooter High PlainsChilds Black Cowboy

Clint Eastwood Costume Accessories on Amazon

A Clint Eastwood costume is pretty easy to put together. Start with a pair of your own jeans. Then you can start adding some accessories like the hat, gun, poncho, and boots. The success of a Clint Eastwood costume is in the accessories. A Clint Eastwood costume is easily recognizable, especially if you have the right hat and know how to scowl.  You should find everything on this page necessary to put together a Clint Eastwood costume for Halloween.  These are the basics.

Western Cowboy BootClint Eastwood StyleClint Eastwood SpaghettiClint Eastwood StyleAuthentic Mexican PonchoTraditional Mexican BlanketClint Eastwood BeltClint Eastwood Costume

Cowboy Boots

Let us not forget cowboy boots for our Clint Eastwood costume. Clint must have boots and these are real boots.  You can wear these with your Clint Eastwood costume, but they are real boots so you can wear them for a long time for every day or for more dressy occasions.  Tennis shoes will not cut it for your Clint Eastwood costume for Halloween, so spring for a good pair of boots!

Ariat Men’s RamblerDurango Men’s Men’s Ariat Laredo Men’s WillowJustin Boots Men’sJustin Original Work

Clint Eastwood Costume for Halloween

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