Super Dinosaur Costumes for Kids

 Dinosaur costumes for kids are great fun for the kids. Little kids love dinosaurs!  Did your child ever want to have a dinosaur for a pet?  Does she know the names of the popular dinosaurs?  Maybe he will settle for dressing up as a dinosaur for Halloween.  They are very cute and colorful and any dinosaur fan will love being a dinosaur for Halloween by wearing one of these dinosaur costumes for kids and babies.

Choose a realistic dinosaur costume, or one that is more cartoon like. Either way, they are both fun. Which ever one your child likes is the one to get. Kids don’t stay little very long and they aren’t into playing dress up for very long either. Enjoy this stage of their life and indulge them with a kids dinosaur costume!  Let them play dress up dinosaurs after Halloween or pass the costume down to the next kid in the family.

Triceratops Costume

Here’s a very cute triceratops costume for babies or toddlers.

This little triceratops has lots of beautiful reptilian detailing such as plush booties and mitts, soft horns, scales, plastic eyes, and a padded hood. Great for keeping baby warm when he’s out and about on Halloween night. He looks pretty cuddly for a dinosaur baby!

Be sure to check out all the dinosaur costumes for kids and babies on this page to find exactly what your kids want.

There are dino costumes for children from infant to older child available right here on this page.

 Baby Triceratops Costume


More Dinosaur Costumes for Kids and Babies

Here are more colorful and fun dinosaur costumes for the kids. When my kids were this age they would have loved a dinosaur costume like one of these. They were all big dinosaur fans and they would have loved being a dinosaur for Halloween. Choose from several different kinds of dinosaurs.  Don’t forget a costume for the baby!

T-Rex Infant/Toddler CostumeSilly Safari Costume,Rubie’s Costume ChildrenRubie’s Silly SafariInCharacter Unisex-baby NewbornJust Pretend KidsDisguise – MightyT-Rex Dinosaur Hat

Dinosaur Halloween Costumes

There are some pretty great dinosaur costumes for adults too.  I’ve included a few adult dinosaur costumes just in case Mom or Dad wants to dress up as a dinosaur.  Very fun!   I expect there to be a lot of interest in dinosaur costumes this year.  Halloween costumes do sell out so be sure to shop early as that will give you the best choice!

Adult Dino CostumeAdult Dinosaur Costume


More Dinosaur Costumes

Here are more fun dinosaur costumes for kids and babies, AND for dogs and cats!  We have inflatable costumes, a T-Rex mascot and dinosaur pajamas.  There even some dinosaur costume choices for your dog!  One of them can also fit on a cat!

Men’s Godzilla Adult Inflatable Air Blown, Inflatable Dinosaur Costume – Fan Operated Animal Pyjamas Halloween CostumeTilly the T-Rex Girls DinosaurChildren’s Dino and Cave Boy Rider Costume Pet Costume, Green Dinosaur HoodieMartha Stewart Pets®  Red Polka Dot Dinosaur  Halloween Dinosaur Costumes For Dog Cat Smokie the Dragon Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Costumes for Kids

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