DIY Pizza Rat Costume

A DIY Pizza rat costume would be a fun costume this year. Have you seen the hilarious viral video of the rat running off with a slice of pizza?  The video is below and if you haven’t seen it you can scroll down and watch it.

What will you need for this costume?  Actually, it’s pretty easy to put together.  You can assemble it from scratch by yourself or you can purchase a  couple things.  Either way it’s a very quick and easy costume.

The easiest thing to do would be to purchase a pizza slice costume.  You could make your own out of a big sheet of cardboard but a purchased one would be so much easier and look a lot better.    Pick up some gray sweat pants and a gray hoodie and already you’re looking like the rat with a pizza slice.

Check out the rat masks and noses below. It’s the finishing touch! Perfect for this costume!  This is a no-fuss costume that doesn’t take a lot.

Rat Masks for a DIY Pizza Rat Costume

The rat noses are quick and easy, but aren’t these rat masks great?  So real-looking!

Disguise Costumes Mouse Nose, ChildRat Mask On Headband With Sound.Bristol Novelty Black Rat Rubber Masks HMS Norway Rate Mask, Grey, One SizeLatex  Rat Costume Mask Costume

Gray Hoodies and Sweat Pants for a DIY Pizza Rat Costume

Maybe you already own some gray sweats but if not, here are a few choices for men, women and children.

Men’s Pullover Fleece Hoodie, Women’s Full Zip Fleece Hoodie Boys Girls Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt

Men’s Fleece Sweatpant, Light SteelWomen’s Fleece Pants – Heather GrayKid’s Performance Sweatpants Light Gray

The Infamous Pizza Rat

Inspiration for the DIY Pizza Rat Costume

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