Doll Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

We’ll start out with Doll Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults from  A doll costume is one that you don’t see that often, so you might be the only one in your neighborhood on Halloween.  Each doll costume has its own spin such as Victorian, Day of the Dead, Gothic, Haunted, Rag Doll, or Broken doll.  You can see there’s a wide variety and a lot to choose from and we have doll costumes for kids and adults.  There are lots of ways accessorize with wigs, stockings, shoes, make up or jewelry if you choose.  Be sure to scroll down to see a great selection of wigs for doll costumes and also a selection of cool-looking tights.

I’ve given you a variety of merchants to choose from for a bigger selection and insurance in case one runs out of the costume you want.  All of them have great costumes.

Girls Victorian Doll Costume

Victorian Doll CostumeDay Of The Dead Doll CostumeGothic Rag Doll CostumeGirl’s Rag Doll CostumeRag Doll Teen CostumeHaunted Doll Child CostumeBroken Doll Child CostumeGirls Broken Doll CostumeBroken Doll Adult Dress CostumeGothic Rag Doll Child CostumeAdult Scary Rag Doll CostumeBaby Doll Infant CostumeChild Gothic Doll Tween CostumeRag Doll Boy Adult Standard CostumeChild Rag Doll CostumeRag Doll Women CostumeRag Doll Boy CostumeWind Up Doll Adult Costume

More Doll Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults


Here are more options for doll Halloween costumes from another online merchant.  There are so many to choose from that you might have a hard time deciding.  Costumes tend to become sold out as we near the holiday so you have some alternative shopping places.

Clown And Rag Doll CostumesSexy Rag Doll CostumeGirls Rag Doll CostumeVictorian Doll Girls CostumeZombie Doll Adult CostumePretty Porcelain Doll Adult Costume

Doll Costume Wigs

These are really cute wigs for a doll costume.  It’s accessories like that that really make your costume.  Such great choices here!

Pink Costume WigHair Bow WigRed Curly WigBaby Doll Black WigBaby Doll Wig Girls Gothic Doll WigGirls Gothic Doll WigMagenta Doll WigHot Pink WigCutie Doll Red WigChild Rag Doll Hat Gothic Rag Doll WigLiving Doll WigGirls Rag Doll WigBoy Rag Doll WigCurls Costume WigCurls Costume WigBlonde Baby Doll Wig

Tights for a Doll Costume

There are tons of tights of all different kinds and colors to go with doll Halloween costumes for kids and adults. If you need a plain color, they are here but you will also find stripes, checks, spiders and their webs, neon, stitched, and tattered!

Adult Rag Doll Socks Over the Knee Check StockingsSexy Jester babe Rainbow Stripes Long Socks Cosplay Stockings Microfiber Tights  Sueded Opaque Tight,

More Tights from Etsy

Tights with doll joints for knees and ankles, golden zippers, tattered and torn, and not least, the adorable black cat thigh high tights.  Great tights to go with Doll Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults!

Broken Doll Tightsbroken doll ball joint Cat Shaped TightsLeg Knee Joint TightsGOLDEN ZIPPERS tattered & torn tights

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