Falling Head Illusion Prank Adult Costume

Falling Head Illusion Prank Adult Halloween costume. Do you like freaking out your friends?

Are you the type who enjoys pulling pranks or doing illusions for family and friends? If so, this is the costume for you!

The falling head illusion prank adult Halloween costume is great for costume parties, frat parties, or just pulling pranks on unsuspecting friends.

You can make it appear like your head is falling off your shoulders and watch everyone around you freak out. This creepy costume will get them every time!

If you’re looking for a creative costume for Halloween, or to pull off elaborate pranks or illusions then this costume kit is exactly what you need.

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Amazon Has Creepy Halloween Costumes Too

Do you prefer to shop at Amazon? I couldn’t locate the falling head illusion Halloween costume. They do have lots of creepy looking costume kits though! Check out these headless man costumes for Halloween.

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