Futurama Bender Halloween Costumes

Are you  Futurama fan? This Futurama Bender Halloween Costume is a great way to show your allegiance to your favorite show. You can be cool as a tin can.

Bender is a Futurama character favorite among fans. This robot has a lot of attitude in 3014.

Below you will find a Bender costume for kids, teens, adults, and plus sizes. There are also costumes for Fry and Leela.

This could be a great idea for couples or group costume outings, or parent and child fun for a Halloween party or trick or treating.

I’ve listed more than one source so you can find the Futurama Halloween costumes that are right for you and your group!

Futurama Bender Halloween Costumes

Be ready with your snarky comments and Futurama references. This costume will have everyone gathered around and waiting!


Bender Halloween Costume

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Bender Bending Rodriguez is a robot of many talents.  He loves drinking, smoking cigars, and strangely enough, folk singing. It’s exactly the kind of rap sheet that will get a young robot hired at Planet Express. Now, we can’t suggest you do ALL of the things that Bender does while wearing this licensed Futurama costume. We can recommend that you party like it’s 3014 though.


Futurama Bender Halloween Costumes for Adults, Teens, and Children

Plus Size Bender Costume 2XPlus Size Bender Costume 2XAdult Bender Costume StandardAdult Bender Costume StandardTeen Bender Costume TeenTeen Bender Costume TeenChild Bender Costume LargeChild Bender Costume Large

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