Halloween Pumpkin Throw Blankets

Halloween pumpkin throw blankets are great for the chilly autumn weather and they’re great for Halloween decorating.

In my house, throw blankets get used all the time whether it’s on the bed, couch, or in a chair.  We all like to have a fleece throw blanket if we’re watching TV, reading or just hanging out.

Many times our three year old granddaughter will say “Grandma lets sit in your chair.”  This means she’s ready to settle down and go to sleep.  We get a stuffy friend (a stuffed animal) and a  throw blanket and snuggle in my rocking recliner.  Soon she nods off and her Daddy carries her to bed.

 Tapestry Throw, Pumpkin Garden by Susan Winget Halloween Fun ~ Pumpkins & Black Cats Tapestry Throw Halloween Haunted House and Pumpkins Throw Blanket Fleece Throw Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin Fleece Throw Pumpkin Halloween Washable Throw Halloween Pumpkin Throw


Halloween Throw Blankets

Here’s a selection of lovely,  woven, Halloween pumpkin throw blankets.  These are not only decorative but they’re practical too.  It’s an attractive way to decorate for Halloween. People love to use throws to make a room look cozy and inviting.  They’re perfect to take the chill off so you don’t have to turn on the heat just yet.  A throw blanket provides a little bit of warm comfort.

Happy Halloween Scary Pumpkin ThrowHappy Halloween Scary Pumpkin ThrowHalloween Pumpkin Faces Woven ThrowHalloween Pumpkin Faces Woven ThrowHalloween Pumpkins Pattern ThrowHalloween Pumpkins Pattern ThrowWaiting in the Pumpkin Patch ThrowWaiting in the Pumpkin Patch Throw

More Pumpkin Throw Blankets

There’s something about a warm and fuzzy Halloween throw blanket that’s comforting on a blustery autumn night. Snuggle up in the recliner and turn on a scary movie!  Don’t forget the popcorn, or better yet, some Halloween treats!

Invite a friend and make sure you have a Halloween pumpkin throw blanket for them too!

Halloween Glowing Jack O'Lantern in a black swirl Throw BlanketJack O’Lantern black swirl Throw BlanketHalloween Crows ThrowHalloween Crows ThrowHalloween Orange Pumpkin Pattern Throw BlanketHalloween Orange Pumpkin Throw Blankethalloweeenpag.jpg throw blanketHalloween Pumpkin Throw BlanketHalloween Holiday Custom Retro Colorful Throw BlanketHalloween Retro Colorful Throw BlanketTiny Pumpkins Pile Throw BlanketTiny Pumpkins Pile Throw Blanket


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