Hippie Costumes for Men and Women

Hippie Costumes for Men and Women

One of the most famous hippies of all was John Lennon. He wrote and sang songs of peace and a world without hate and wars.

John Lennon imagined a future for his children that would include ideals of peace and love among all mankind. Love, understanding, and tolerance of all life on Earth was the main teaching of his works.

These glasses are in the style that John Lennon wore and are well recognized from the hippie era. Get your favorite color and wear them with pride.

John Lennon Style Hippie Glasses

Pink World JohnJohn Black 60’SBeatles John LennonJohn Lennon Colored

Groovy Baby Hippie Costume



Tie Dye Hippie Shirts

People love tie dye. The hippie movement was nothing if not colorful. Even today the tie dye look is immediately recognized as being from the hippie era. Grab a great tie dye color combination shirt and make your statement.

Koloa Surf Co.Koloa Surf Co.Colortone Tie DyeColortone Tie DyeCatopia Tie DyeCatopia Tie DyeKoloa Surf(tm) LadiesKoloa Surf(tm) LadiesColortone Tie DyeColortone Tie DyeGildan Tie DyeGildan Tie DyeColortone Tie DyeColortone Tie DyeColortone Tie DyeColortone Tie Dye


Hippie Shopping Diva T-Shirts and Tote Bags

Custom Born toCustom Born toCustom Born toCustom Girl BornCustom This GirlCustom Born toCustom Born toBorn to ShopBorn to ShopBorn to ShopCustom Born toCustom Born to


Hippie Hair Wigs

Most hippies had long locks of hair. Some of those well known long haired people were the musicians of the time. Many rock bands still keep the long haired look. Get a great looking wig and become your favorite rock star of the era.

Long Hippie WigHippie Rock WigHippie Man Wig60s Hippie Long60s Hippie Wig60s Hippie Long

Bell Bottom Pants

One cannot be a hippie and forget those bell bottom pants. Bell bottoms were a standard hippie garb. They looked cool and everyone wore them. Check out any ’70s movie or TV show and you will find bell bottoms as the only kind of fashionable pants to wear at the time.

70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom70s Bell Bottom

Hippie Headbands

No hippie costume is complete without the headband. Hippies wore flowers, feathers, beads and chains. There was lots of gold and leather during the days of the hippie. Chose a great headband to finish off your costume.

Brown Braided LeatherMia Fashion Headband,prAna Double Headband,prAna Women’s DoubleElle Gold SplitMia Fashion Headband,

More Hippie Costumes and Accessories

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