Hooded Cloak Costumes for Halloween

Hooded cloak costumes for Halloween help add a air of danger to your outfit.

When people think of hooded cloak characters they usually think of either unsavory characters or even death himself.

Hooded cloak costumes can be for keeping you warm or for adding depth to your costume.

If you decided to add a bit mystery to your costume or wanted to hide what your were wearing, or not, until the last moment, a hooded cloak costume would be perfect.


Hooded Cloak Costumes for Halloween

When people in hooded cloak costumes enter a room, most will ether try to look away or peer curiously into the void of the hood, searching for a face. For most the most frightening thing is the unknown.

hooded cloak costumesHalloween Hooded Cloak


Hooded Cloak Costumes Ideas

Surround yourself in a cloak of mystery. If you want attention this is the way to do it, hide yourself in a hooded cloak costume.

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Hooded Cloak Characters

Movie and story characters have often worn hooded cloak costumes to keep from being recognized or just to add an aura of mystery or magic to their persona. Many or easily recognizable such and Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Death. There are also vampire and fairies or even Joseph, Mary, or Jesus.


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