How To Dress Up As Daniel Bryan for Halloween

So, you want to dress up as Daniel Bryan for Halloween? It’s possible with the following Halloween costume accessories.

Daniel Bryan is one of the most popular wrestling superstars to grace WWE sports entertainment in a long time. He has many fans who adore him. Even when he was a heel, the fans still loved him. That’s why a Daniel Bryan Halloween costume is a very good idea this year. All the items you need to create your this costume are featured below.

It’s a great costume idea for Halloween or anytime you are going to a costume party. It’s easy to be a wrestling superstar. Just get the items listed below and you can be a wrestling superstar like Daniel Bryan!

How To Dress Up As Daniel Bryan for Halloween

How To Dress Up As Daniel Bryan for Halloween

How To Dress Up As Daniel Bryan for Halloween

Step 1: It’s All About The Beard!

He is known for his long shaggy hair and full beard and mustache. So the beard is step one in the process. You can start with either one of these fake beards. Then pick out a blonde or brown hair wig.

Fake Beard and Mustache -BrownMen’s Getaway Beard

Step 2: You Need A Yes Yes Yes T-shirt!

Most WWE Superstars wear their own t-shirts to the ring as a way to show the merchandise off and boost sales! Daniel is no exception. To mimic his look, you need one of these Yes Yes Yes t-shirts. Or any of the t-shirts below would do for this costume.

Yes Yes Yes Men’s T-ShirtYes Yes Yes Ladie’s T-Shirt


Step 3: Red Wrestling Tights and Boots

You would have to be a professional seamstress to get real wrestling tights like Daniel wears to the ring. That’s too much trouble for a simple Halloween costume. Go with a pair of these red wrestling tights instead! Then grab some red wrestling boots.

Step 4: The WWE Championship Title Belt

The final piece of the costume is something that is very important to every WWE Superstar including Daniel Bryan, The WWE Championship Title Belt. Below is the new and the old version of the belts. WWE changed logos not long ago. The new logo belt is pretty expensive though, so if money is an issue, grab the old version for your costume.

That’s all there is to creating your own costume. I hope you have enjoyed learning how to dress as Daniel Bryan for Halloween. Check out the other WWE Superstars wrestler Halloween costumes below.

(Daniel Bryan Image Credit)
Daniel Bryan WWE Champion” by Megan Elice MeadowsIMG_5217. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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