Jeff Dunham Character Costumes

Jeff Dunham Character Costumes are hugely popular for Halloween or any other costume party. The characters that Jeff Dunham created each have a large fan base.

For some fans Walter is the man with all the answers. For others, Peanut and his nonstop, speedy talk is the key to their laughter. Achmed has become hugely popular for his comedy also.

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary costume, these characters are easily recognizable without you being the same as everyone else. Dare to be different. Get a Jeff Dunham character costume.

Walter is the epitome of the grouchy old man. His somewhat colorful, sometimes offensive speech and general unpleasantness make for a wonderfully comical character.

Jeff Dunham Character Costumes

Unfortunately someone made the decision to discontinue the Peanut costume that was so popular. Hopefully they will reverse that decision before Halloween. If they do, I will repost the costume here for you.


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Any Jeff Dunham fan is aware that “SILENCE” is a big deal to Achmed. He is kooky but lovable and sometimes a little racy.

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