Joe Dirt Halloween Costumes

Joe Dirt Halloween costumes. Looking for group costume ideas for Halloween? Check out these Joe Dirt Halloween costumes. Dress up as characters Joe Dirt, Brandy, Kicking Wing and Clem from the Joe Dirt movie.

Life’s a garden, dig it! That was one of Joe Dirt’s favorite quotes from the movie. Here are items you can use to create a Joe Dirt costume. Get a date and have her dress up as Joe Dirt’s girlfriend Brandy. Grab your buddies to dress up as Kicking Wing and Clem.

Joe Dirt group costumes are perfect for any groups of friends. If you’re going to a costume party and want that first prize trophy, these group costumes can get it for you!

Joe Dirt Halloween Costumes

The first thing you need to be Joe Dirt is a mullet wig. Now, you could grow your hair out like this, but I suggest just going with one of these mullet wigs. You might as well save yourself from getting your butt kicked.

Blonde Mullet Wig Joe DirtBlonde Mullet Wig Joe DirtBlonde Mullet Wig Joe DirtFun World Mullet WigFun World Mullet WigFun World Mullet WigWig MulletWig MulletWig Mullet80's Rock Mullet80’s Rock Mullet80's Rock Mullet

Re-Create The Joe Dirt Mop Scene for Halloween

Re-create the movie poster look of Joe Dirt with a red flannel button down shirt and a mop. Or create the janitor look that Joe Dirt wore when he had to clean up the puke in the school lunch room.

Western Plaid Short Sleeve ShirtWestern Plaid Short Sleeve ShirtCotton MopCotton MopLong Sleeve Work ShirtLong Sleeve Work ShirtWork Pant, Silver GrayWork Pant, Silver Gray

Must Have Joe Dirt Costume Accessories

Do you want to make your Joe Dirt costume even more authentic? Here is an identical watch like David Spade wore in the movie. Plus an iron on name patch for the janitors uniform.

Red Dragon Leather Cuff WatchRed Dragon Leather Cuff WatchOval Embroidered Name TagOval Embroidered Name Tag

Get a Joe Dirt 2 Halloween Costume

In Joe Dirt 2 the sequel movie we see Joe Dirt wearing a red flannel button down shirt with a number one dad t-shirt underneath. Re create this look from Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser with the following items.

Long Sleeve Plaid Flannel ShirtLong Sleeve Plaid Flannel ShirtNumber One Dad T-shirtNumber One Dad T-shirt

T-shirts Like Joe Dirt Wore In The Movie

David Spade wore a lot of 70’s and 80’s style of t-shirts in the Joe Dirt movie. You could use any of these shirts to make Joe Dirt Halloween costumes.

Life's A Garden, Dig It Funny TshirtLife’s A Garden, Dig It Funny TshirtAc/Dc Three-Quarter Sleeve T-shirtAC/DC Three-Quarter Sleeve T-shirtI Choked Lind Lovelace T-shirtI Choked Lind Lovelace T-shirtDef Leppard Hysteria Men's T-ShirtDef Leppard Hysteria Men’s T-Shirt

Brandy from Joe Dirt Halloween Costumes

Do you have a date for Halloween? Make this a couples costume idea by having your date dress up as Brandy for Halloween.

Short Cosplay Wigs BlondeShort Cosplay Wigs BlondeFringed Halter Crop TopFringed Halter Crop TopNumber 76 Jersey T-ShirtNumber 76 Jersey T-Shirt

Kicking Wing from Joe Dirt Halloween Costumes

Kicking Wing was the Snakes and Sparklers roadside vendor that Joe Dirt came across in the movie. You can dress up as Kicking Wing for Halloween with the following items.

Slim Fit Long Sleeve PlaidSlim Fit Long Sleeve PlaidThick Square Frame Nerdy GlassesThick Square Frame Nerdy GlassesClassic Straw Cowboy HatClassic Straw Cowboy HatAdult Indian Braided WigAdult Indian Braided Wig

Clem from Joe Dirt Halloween Costumes

You’re talking to me all wrong… It’s the wrong tone. You do it again and I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron. That’s right! It’s Clem from Joe Dirt. With the following items you could dress up as Clem from the Joe Dirt movie.

Long-Sleeve Work ShirtLong-Sleeve Work ShirtWork Pant-SILVER GREYWork Pant-SILVER GREYOval Embroidered Name TagOval Embroidered Name TagSoldering IronSoldering Iron

Joe Dirt Wall Art and Posters

Joe Dirt Halloween CostumesJoe Dirt Halloween Costumes

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