Kids Patriotic Costumes for July 4th

Kids patriotic costumes are perfect for July 4th holiday parades in the neighborhood or for dress up for school reports and putting on plays.  Kids love costumes! Remember how you giggled when you wore Mom’s old prom dress or Dad’s football shirt? Those simple costumes enabled you to “be someone else” and to take on the role of that person for play time.  Role play is a natural part of childhood, and Halloween, school plays,  and family productions all add to the fun!
George WashingtonGeorge Washington

Now, what could be better for your child or children than multipurpose costumes to bring forth giggles from them? For play time or holidays, what also provides a great chance to educate as well? Relive the past in a historical costume for Halloween, school plays or other events.

Kids patriotic costumes, of course! Be sure your child understands the significance of the costume he/she is wearing. Who is George Washington? What did he do to help the United States?



Kids Patriotic Costumes Have a Story to Tell

There are exciting characters as well as the symbolic Statue of Liberty included in the fun and colorful kids patriotic costumes. You may want to encourage an older child to help choose their costume, but selecting the perfect costume for the younger ones will be your own personal pleasure. Play some great American songs or marches, pull out your history books, find an American flag, or even add flag picks to the top of cupcake surprises! Kids Patriotic Costumes will be a  positive, year round experience for you and your family! Shop 4th of July apparel to celebrate our Nation’s birthday in style.

Uncle Sam CostumeUncle Sam CostumeChild's Statue Of Liberty CostumeChild’s Statue Of Liberty CostumeChild Abraham Lincoln CostumeChild Abraham Lincoln CostumeBetsy Ross CostumeBetsy Ross Costume


Patriotic Costumes for Baby

Baby brother or sister should be dressed up for the holiday too!   Take a patriotic family photo for the scrapbook.   Choose your favorite patriotic costume for baby.

Lil Firecracker Tutu JumperLil Firecracker Tutu JumperRED, BLUE & WHITE Baby/Toddler TutuRED, BLUE & WHITE Baby/Toddler TutuUSA Flag Baby Romper SnapsuitUSA Flag Baby Romper SnapsuitAnchor Star Bodysuit TutuAnchor Star Bodysuit Tutu


Have the happiest family Fourth of July ever!

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