Larry The Cable Guy Halloween Costumes

How to make Larry The Cable Guy Halloween costumes? Do you want to know how to dress like Larry The Cable Guy for Halloween? It’s not hard at all. Larry likes to keep his wardrobe simple. Keep reading below and I will show you everything you need for Larry The Cable Guy Halloween Costumes.

Larry The Cable Guy is best known for his comedy work. He has a signature style that lends to his comedy work as most of his routine is centered around redneck life.

All that is really need for Larry The Cable Guy Halloween Costumes are flannel shirts that are sleeveless, some good old blue jeans, work boots and a camouflage ball cap. Most of these items you may already have around the house, but if not you can find these items for sale below. Now let’s get busy making your costume for Halloween.

Step 1: Get The Flannel Shirt and Remove Sleeves

The first thing you will need is a flannel shirt. Once you have the flannel shirt, you will need to remove the sleeves. Cut right around the shoulder hem with a good pair of scissors to remove the sleeves on your flannel plaid shirt. Larry never leaves the sleeves in his shirts.

Step 2: Get Your Larry The Cable Guy Hat

Next, you will need a Get -R- Done camouflage hat. These ball caps are Larry’s signature style and featured his trade marked catch phrase Get -R- Done. No Larry The Cable Guy Halloween costume would be complete without one of these hats.

Step 3: Jeans and Work Boots Are Needed

Larry likes to keep it simple. A good pair of blue jeans, and a pair of work boots is all that is needed to dress up for Halloween. Most likely you have these in the laundry already. If not, here are some that would work well.

What’s Next?

Larry The Cable Guy Halloween CostumesTo really nail down the look, you need things you might see a redneck carry. Maybe a fishing pole, or perhaps a soda can in can cooler.

Being Larry The Cable Guy for Halloween is very possible. Even though they don’t make a complete costume kit, it isn’t hard to piece this costume idea together.

But, Larry is much more than just a redneck in a sleeveless shirt, to really pull off this costume idea, you need to be quick with the jokes. It wouldn’t hurt to brush up on your sister jokes as well!

So go ahead and do it. You can dress up as Larry The Cable Guy for Halloween. All you gotta do is Get -R- Done! Have a fun Halloween y’all!

How To Be Larry The Cable Guy for Halloween

Watch Larry The Cable guy on DVD to learn how he walks, how he tells his jokes, even learn some of his comedy routines to really nail down this costume idea for Halloween. A good costume comes in a kit, a great Larry The Cable Guy costume is put together with the right clothes and good character acting. The right person can easily pull off this costume idea.

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