Lil Characters Costumes for Babies

Lil Characters Costumes for Babies. Imagine your infant or toddler dressed up in one of these cute costumes from Lil Characters.

There are monster costumes for babies for babies, plus many other fun and cute costumes for your baby. Dress up your infant for their first Halloween in a costume from Lil Characters.

They have all of the best themed costumes to make your babies first Halloween memorable! The best thing about Lil Character costumes is their durability and trustworthy reputation. Parents across the world trust the brand and it is their favor choice of costumes for their infants.

Lil Characters Costumes for Babies

Lil Characters Bat Infants Costume

The bats costume for infants from Lil Characters is a very popular choice. Dress up your baby in a Lil Characters bat Halloween costume for their first ever Halloween.

This infants bat costume is a one piece outfit that fits 12-18 month old babies very well. A handy snap is included for easy diaper changes while your baby is wearing the costume.

Lil Characters Puppy Infants Halloween Costume

The puppy costume for infants from Lil Characters is one of my personal favorites. I have a soft spot for dogs and puppies! Your child will look adorable in this infants puppy Halloween costume. Click the images for details and to make your purchase.

Infants Flower Halloween Costume

You already think your infant is a rose, so why not dress them up as a flower for your babies first Halloween? You baby will be so cute! This costume is a one piece body suit with a snap enclosure for easy diaper changing. A flower head piece and booties are sewn nicely into this high quality infants costume. Click on the images to purchase and pick sizes.

The Cutest Halloween Costumes for Infants

They really do think of everything! Your baby will be so adorable in any of these infants costume. Other sizes are available too, just click the images to see all the details and pick your size for your baby.

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