Lord of the Rings Halloween Costumes

Check out these Lord of the Rings Halloween Costumes for everyone.  The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a wonderful and complex story.  It’s a classic good versus evil story where good triumphs in the end.  If you are not interested in reading the books you can catch the movie which does a good job of telling the story.  You should know that the books are awesome, though.  I read them to my boys when they were about 6, 8, and 10.  They loved them!  Decide which of these fascinating characters you like and choose from these Lord of the Rings Halloween costumes.  Such interesting characters!  There are elves, hobbits, dwarves, wizards, and more.  Get your friends and family together for a Lord of the Rings themed night of Halloween fun.  Fun for trick or treating and fun for parties!  We have costumes for kids and adults.  These are from Amazon.com.


Adult Grey Elven CloakKids Gandalf CostumeBilbo Baggins Kids CostumeDeluxe Thorin Kids CostumeGandalf Adult CostumeDeluxe Dwalin Adult CostumeGaladriel Adult CostumeDeluxe Blue and Rust Arwen Dress CostumeAdult White Arwen CloakDeluxe Arwen Dress Adult Costume

Rubie’s Costume Lord Of The Rings Deluxe Queen Arwen Dress and Tiara, Green, One SizeRubie’s Costume Women’s Hobbit 2 Desolation Of Smaug Adult Tauriel, Green, SmallHellojuncao Women’s Lord Rings Adult ArwenLord of the Rings – Legolas – Adult CostumeLord of the Rings – Aragorn – Adult CostumeRubie’s Costume Lord Of The Rings Ringwraith, Black, One Size CostumeRubies Lord of The Rings Child’s Frodo Costume, MediumLord of the Rings – The Return of The King – Morgul Lord Witch King with Mace-Weilding Action

Lord of the Rings Halloween Costumes Accessories

Weapons, wigs, jewelry, and miscellaneous other accessories for your costume.  Accessories make the costume more believable.

Men’s Lord Of The Rings Gimli Accessory Axe, The Hobbit Sting Sword Light Up Lord Of Rings Bilbo Lord of The Rings Aragorn Child SwordThe Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Legolas Long BladeRingwraith Sword – Lord of the Rings (As Shown;One Size)Men’s Lord Of The Rings Legolas Bow and Arrow ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Gauntlet of SauronThe Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Gandalf StaffElope The Hobbit: Gandalf Hat Costume AccessoryLord Of Rings Arwen Wig Costume AccessoryLegolas Greenleaf Cosplay Costume Wig Mirkwood Elf Long Lord of the Rings Legolas WigLeaf Clasp – Lord of the Rings“ONE RING” Goldtone 25″ ChainMen’s Witch King Lord of the Rings

More Lord of the Rings Halloween Costumes

These Lord of the Rings Halloween Costumes are from Costume Craze and presented here so you can comparison shop and see where your best deal is.

Grey Elven CloakElven CloakRingwraith Adult Kids Gandalf Gandalf Beard Wig Gandalf CostumeBilbo Baggins Kids Deluxe Thorin Kids Deluxe Dwalin Adult Galadriel Adult Blue Rust ArwenDeluxe Arwen Dress Kids Hobbit FeetMoria Orc Scary MaskScary Gollum Mask

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