Marvels Ant-Man Founding Member of the Avengers

Marvels Ant-Man founding member of the Avengers, is coming to the big screen for the first time.  The movie opens on July 17, 2015 and is billed as family action/adventure.

There have been some screenings of the movie and the reviews are very positive. They say this is good for a character who is not well known outside of the comics.  Ant-Man has the ability to shrink in size and increase in power.  Those who like the Avengers will probably like Ant-Man.

I’ve searched several online merchants and these are the only Ant-Man costume items I can come up with at this time.  Hopefully after the movie airs in July and sometime before Halloween, there will be many more costume choices for the Ant-Man character.  There are, however, an abundance of t-shirts.  If your child is wearing an Ant-Man costume perhaps you could coordinate with them and wear an Ant Man  t-shirt.

Ant Helmet Man Newest Cosplay PVC Full Head Halloween Masks for AdultsCostume — Ant-Man Movie Adult T-Shirt, XXX-LargeMen’s Super Ant Leather Jacket Coat Costume for Halloween Stand Collar M

More Ant-Man Costumes Have Become Available

Rubie’s Costume Ant-Man Deluxe Child CostumeDisney Store Deluxe Ant Man Antman Light Up Costume Kids Size S Small 5 – 6Generic Big Boys’ Ant-man Unitard Trendy Morphsuit HalloweenCostume Full SetGeneric Adults’ Superhero Ant-Man Cosplay Scott Lang T-shirt Adult CostumeXCOSER Super Ant Helmet Full Head Mask Props for HalloweenRubie’s Costume Co Men’s Ant-Man Gloves

Ant-Man Founding Member of the Avengers

Ant-Man T-Shirts

There might not be many Ant-Man costumes available but there are a lot of t-shirts!  While we’re waiting for the costumes to come out perhaps you’d like to browse this collection of cool Ant-Man t-shirts from Amazon.

Ant-Man Pym Technologies T-ShirtMarvel Men’s Ant-Man Classic T-Shirt Marvel Ant-Man Men’s T-Shirt Ant-Man surrounded By An Army of Ants Marvel Men’s Ant-Man Classic Ant Swarm Ant-Man 2015 Marvel Movie Cotton T Ant-Man 2015 Cotton T Shirt For Men Black Marvel Little Boys’  Ant Man TeeMarvel Ant-Man Pym Technologies Marvel Big Boys Ant-Man Swarm Fire-Dog Men’s Ant Man Helmet T Shirts Ant-man Justice Heros Cotton Women Marvel Ant-Man Poster T-Shirt Marvel Ant-Man Vitruvian T-ShirtAnt Man Logo Big & Tall  Graphic T-Shirt Marvel Comic Heroes (Ant-Man -Schematic) Marvel Ant-Man Grow Adult T-Shirt-Silver Men’s Ant Man Classics Action

More of Ant-Man

In the mean time, while we’re waiting for Ant-Man costumes, here are some things that might interest Ant-Man fans or those that are curious about Ant-Man.  Ant-Man books and backpacks.

I Am Ant-Man (Passport to Reading Level 2)Ant-Man This is Ant-Man: Level 1Marvel’s Ant-Man: The Junior NovelAnt-Man: Natural Enemy Prose Novel Ant-Man School 16 Inches Backpack16 Inch 3d BackpackSchool Bags

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