Oktoberfest Barmaid Costume for Women

Make sure you have the best Oktoberfest Barmaid costume this October. You are shopping for an Oktoberfest Barmaid Costume and I have them right here from many sources.

Barmaid Costumes are cute, clever, and sexy. Oktoberfest is not complete without the barmaids.

This is fun for not only the Germans but for anyone who loves to celebrate with sausages, kraut, and of course, beer.

Oktoberfest is celebrated during September – October. The same month as Halloween, a sexy Oktoberfest Barmaid Costume for women can serve two purposes, or more. There’s no telling how many private parties you might be invited to attend.

No Oktoberfest celebration is complete without the beer wench. So why not be everyone’s favorite girl at the celebration and wear one of these killer sexy and stunning Oktoberfest barmaid costumes.

Oktoberfest Barmaid Costume

Gretchen Oktoberfest Barmaid Costume for WomenGretchen Oktoberfest Barmaid Costume for Women



Beer Maiden Halloween Costumes

If the costume above is not exactly what you need, check out these other lovely bar maiden costumes for Oktoberfest or Halloween from some of our other favorite merchants. Check all the merchants for pricing, shipping, and perfect size you want.

Dark Blue BeerDark Blue BeerOktoberfest Fraulein CostumeOktoberfest Fraulein CostumeBeer Garden DarlingBeer Garden DarlingBavarian Bar MaidBavarian Bar MaidDeluxe German GirlDeluxe German GirlDeluxe German CostumeDeluxe German CostumeFancy Beer GirlFancy Beer GirlLederhosen Beer BabeLederhosen Beer Babe


Oktoberfest Barmaid Costumes from Amazon

With these great corsets to accentuate your curves and and the cute skirts to show off your legs, you will turn heads at any party or celebration where you might choose to show up.

Who is the most popular gal at the party? The beer girl! Give your mate a smile and a wink as you hand him his drink and pretzel or brat. He’ll love you for being his serving wench.

Beer Girl BustierBeer Girl BustierBavarian Beer GirlBavarian Beer GirlOktoberfest Sexy BeerOktoberfest Sexy BeerOktoberfest FrauleinOktoberfest FrauleinTavern WenchTavern WenchOktoberfest Beer WenchOktoberfest Beer WenchTavern Wench OktoberfestTavern Wench OktoberfestBeer Wench OktoberfestBeer Wench Oktoberfest


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