Old World Pumpkin Halloween Ornaments

Old World pumpkin Halloween ornaments always have a certain vintage appeal. They sometimes have a bit of glitter for highlights and also have vibrant color. Old World style ornaments are blown glass and the inside is generally coated with silver to give them an inner glow.

Orange pumpkin Halloween ornaments will be a colorful addition to your Halloween decor.  It’s fun to see what people liked and used back in the day.

Old World ornaments are hand crafted and add a certain richness and charm to your home.

The Old World method of making the mouth blown glass ornaments originated in the 1800s.  Molten glass is blown into molds to create these beautiful ornaments.  Old World ornaments generally have quite a bit of detail which makes them more interesting.

Old World Pumpkin Halloween Ornaments

 Old World Glass Ornament Halloween VINTAGE JACK O LANTERN Ornaments Old World Pumpkin Glass Blown Ornament Westie Pumpkin Glass Blown Ornament Baby Pumpkin Glass Blown Ornament

More Old World Pumpkin Halloween Ornaments

Although I consider these Halloween ornaments, some people like to use the plain pumpkin ones for Christmas as well.  One person said they had a Christmas tree decorated with vegetable ornaments including the beautiful orange pumpkins.

Owl & Pumpkin Glass Blown OrnamentOwl & Pumpkin Glass Blown OrnamentPUMPKIN Glass OrnamentPUMPKIN Glass OrnamentJack O Lantern Halloween OrnamentJack O Lantern Halloween OrnamentOld World Mummy Pumpkin OrnamentOld World Mummy Pumpkin Ornament

More Halloween Pumpkin Old World Ornaments

Here are more of the quaint, vintage style Old World pumpkin Halloween ornaments.  These are the things Halloween is made of, witches, scarecrows, devils, and Jack-O-Lanterns.  These make nice gifts for someone who collects pumpkins and who likes the vintage look.

 Old World Christmas Masked Jack Glass Blown Ornament Old World Christmas Witch Pumpkin Glass Blown Ornament Pumpkin’ Scarecrow Glass Blown Ornament Devil Pumpkin Glass Blown Ornament Mr. Jack O’ Lantern Glass Blown Ornament

Old World Pumpkin Halloween Ornaments

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