Ostrich Costume Ideas

Have you thought of an ostrich costume for Halloween?  We have lots of ostrich costume ideas on this page.  Ostriches are just funny creatures aren’t they? That’s why an ostrich Halloween costume would be a great choice for Halloween. They are a funny bird to begin with and the idea of riding an ostrich is humorous too. Just think of the possibilities. I’m sure there are lots of good jokes and puns that could go along with this costume of an ostrich rider. If you want something unusual and you want to be the life of the party, consider being an ostrich rider!  What about the whole family dressing as ostrich riders?  You could have a whole flock of ostriches roaming the town.

There are just a few ostrich costumes available.  The pink one is available in an adult size and a child size.  To wear the pink ostrich costume, you put it on when deflated. Once you get it on there’s a battery operated fan that you turn on that will inflate the costume in a few seconds.  The hats are not included so you may want to check out the Outback hats for sale farther down the page.

Inflatable Ostrich Costume, Pink, StandardInflatable Ostrich Costume,StandardOstrich Rider Fancy Dress CostumeOstrich Costume (Standard)

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Ostrich Costume Ideas

Here are more ostrich costume ideas for you.  An outback hat would be just the right finishing touch for the ostrich Halloween costume. They look really good and an Outback Hat is something you can wear anytime, not just for Halloween. These are good quality hats and come in several different variations.  You can wear it fishing or when working outside to keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your head.  An ostrich rider needs an outback hat!

Outback Trading Kodiak Oilskin Hat Men’s Band Binding Hat,Brown,LargeMens Outback HatMedium UV Outback Safari Sun Men’s Co. Oilskin River Guide Hat Brown Down Under Leather Hat (Medium, Brown)Wide Brim Men Safari/Outback Hat Stetson Men’s Weathered Cotton

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