Princess Bride Costumes for Couples or Groups

You can wear The Princess Bride costumes for couples or groups for a great time at any costumed get together! Get your Princess Bride costumes for couples or groups below!

The Princess Bride movie developed a large fan base that loves to quote lines from the movie. Fan love to dress as the main characters, therefore, here you will find Princess Bride costumes for couples or groups.

However, finding the Princess Bride costumes can be quite difficult. Most of the time they are not ready made unless you are willing to pay quite a lot for them. This causes you to have to locate the different pieces and put them together yourself.

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Below, I have done the searching and gathering for you. Therefore, you can select the right character(s) for you and you too can dress as a character from the Princess Bride movie. I will be adding more as I find the right items.

Lovely Princess Bride Costumes and Gowns

Robin Wright wore many beautiful clothes, as Buttercup, in The Princess Bride movie. Depending on the scene from the movie you may find one of these lovely dresses will suit your needs. Choose the one you want. whether it is your farm boy or favorite pirate.

Princess Bride CostumesCalifornia Costumes Women’s ElegantPlus Size Women's MedievalPlus Size Women’s MedievalArtemisia Designs Renaissance MedievalArtemisia Designs Renaissance MedievalPrincess Bride Costumes for Couples or GroupsWomen’s Plus Size RenaissanceCalifornia Costumes Women's LadyCalifornia Costumes Women’s LadyCostume Culture Women's RenaissanceCostume Culture Women’s RenaissanceCosplayDiy Women's Guinevere NavyCosplayDiy Women’s Guinevere NavyLotustraders Dress Peasant LayerLotustraders Dress Peasant Layer



Peasant Bohemian Embroidered VelvetPeasant Bohemian Embroidered VelvetLong Sleeve Maxi DressWomens Long Sleeve Ruched

Westley the Farm Boy

What could be more wonderful (or sexier) than having your very own farm boy who is in love with you and responds to your every request so sweetly?

“Farm boy, polish my horse’s saddle. I want to see my face shining in it by morning.”

“As you wish. (I love you)”

Below you will find a medieval shirt and pants that will work very nicely for Westley’s farm boy persona. However, there are other awesome Princess Bride costumes also.

Men’s Adult Medieval ShirtMens Medieval Pants Only

Dread Pirate Roberts

Here we have the Dread Pirate Roberts, not the one of internet fame, the original swashbuckling pirate from the Princess Bride movie. There are many options from which to choose and get the perfect look for you for this third of the Princess Bride costumes.


Men’s Blackheart The PirateMen’s Pirate Shirt, Black,Pirates of the SevenBandana with Eva MaskDeluxe Series Head Wraps-Dress Like A PirateMen’s Elastic Waist BasicDeluxe Adult Boot TopsMedieval Ring Belt BlackLeather Medieval Sword FrogThe Princess Bride: The

Hello, my Name is Inigo Montoya

The much loved Inigo Montoya, in search of the six fingered man he blames for the death of his father. However, Inigo Montoya is never afraid of a fight and actually instigates a few.

The Princess Bride MontoyaPrincess Bride Inigo Montoya

If you want to be a character for Halloween but not necessarily do all the Halloween dressing up, here are some fun Inigo Montoya t-shirts with his most famous line from The Princess Bride.

These fun wigs can be combed and styled to look much like Mandy Patinkin’s character, Inigo Montoya.


More Renaissance Period Costumes

Below you will find many more renaissance costumes of the pirate sort that came be used to make a Fezzik outfit or gather your very own band of marauders. You can select any or all of these characters and go out as a group for a fun evening. Or maybe just pick two of them for a romantic and whimsical night as a couple.

Renaissance Medieval Pirate TristanRenaissance Medieval Pirate TownsmanRenaissance Medieval Pirate TwirlyRenaissance Medieval Pirate TulipRenaissance Medieval Pirate TieredRenaissance Medieval Pirate TheRenaissance Medieval Pirate TheRenaissance Medieval Pirate TheRenaissance Medieval Pirate TheRenaissance Medieval Pirate TheRenaissance Medieval Pirate SybbylRenaissance Medieval Pirate SkyRenaissance Medieval Pirate SkirtRenaissance Medieval Pirate SkeletonRenaissance Medieval Pirate SkeletonRenaissance Medieval Pirate SpanishRenaissance Medieval Pirate SilkRenaissance Medieval Pirate SeinfeldRenaissance Medieval Pirate SailorRenaissance Medieval Pirate Royal

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