Scary Peepers Window Decoration

Scary Peepers Window Props and Decoration

Do you really want to give people a little fright this Halloween? These Scary Peeper window props will surely do the trick!

These guys and gals play on the biggest fears of a large population of people; clowns and window peepers.

We highly suggest you do NOT hang them on the outside of someone’s window looking in.

Imagine strolling up to a house on Halloween night and just as you pass the window you hear a tap, tap, tap. You turn to look…

Wait! Come back! You dropped your candy! Oh dear, and your shoes…

Scary Peepers Window Props

The clown by itself will be enough to freak some people out. They won’t even need the added creepiness of it looking through the window at them.

Halloween Decoration - Scary PeepersHalloween Decoration – Scary Peeper


Scary Burglar Peeper

One of the scariest things to happen in your own home is to see someone looking in your window. This burglar peeper would be fun for a Halloween party or scary house.

Halloween Decoration - Scary Peeper-Halloween Decoration – Scary Peeper-Prop that looks just likeProp that looks just like


Scary Window Peepers and Scary Window Tappers

Some of these window props have motion activation that will cause someone’s heart to skip a beat when it taps on the window as they walk by.

Scary Peeper Motion Activated TappingScary Peeper Motion Activated TappingHalloween Decoration - Scary PeeperHalloween Decoration – Scary PeeperHalloween Scary Realistic Animated EyesHalloween Scary Realistic Animated EyesHalloween Scary Peeping Tom TrueHalloween Scary Peeping Tom TrueScary Peeper Squatch DecorationScary Peeper Squatch DecorationHalloween Decoration - Scary PeeperHalloween Decoration – Scary PeeperScary Peeper Deluxe-Vinyl Halloween PrankScary Peeper Deluxe-Vinyl Halloween PrankHalloween Decoration - Tapping WitchHalloween Decoration – Tapping Witch


More Halloween Window Props and Scary Clings

Get ready for Halloween with props and window clings. When your visitors come for the party or for the treats, these window props and clings will give your friends a creepy greeting.

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