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SNL Conehead Halloween Costumes

Conehead Halloween Costumes

Long time fans of the Saturday Night Live television show recognize the Coneheads immediately. It’s a classic skit from the ’70s featuring Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman as the alien Conehead family.

These delightful characters make fun SNL Cone head Halloween costumes. Get the conehead cap and the black cape. Then add the latex makeup for an authentic Conehead look.

You can be an alien for Halloween and not have to be green. The Coneheads were aliens living life among the humans.

SNL Conehead Halloween Costumes

Conehead Halloween costumes get attention. When you walk into the party everyone knows who you represent.

conehead Halloween costumesConehead – Officially Licensed SNL Latex Cap


Coneheads Caps and Accessories

Have fun with these Conehead caps and the cape accessory. Use the latex to attach the cap securely.

SNL Conehead Cone CapSNL Conehead Cone CapRubie's Costume Egg Head ConicalRubie’s Costume Egg Head Conical5252″ Silver Sequin Black Cape5454″ Fully Lined Deluxe BlackCinema Secrets Spirit Gum &Cinema Secrets Spirit Gum &Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex, 1Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex, 1Theatrical Effects Alien Dome AdultTheatrical Effects Alien Dome Adult


More Conehead Halloween Costumes

If you don’t find the Conehead Hallowen costumes in stock above, check the merchant or merchants below.

Saturday Night Live Adult ConeheadSaturday Night Live Adult ConeheadEgg CapEgg Cap


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