Starchild KISS Halloween Costumes – Paul Stanley

Here are Starchild KISS Halloween Costumes – Paul Stanley.

Paul Stanley is known as the Star Child character in the popular rock band KISS. This page has everything you need to dress up as the Starchild character from KISS for Halloween.

There are Starchild wigs, complete costume kits, awesome looking KISS boots and KISS face paint kits below. There are costume kits is sizes for men, women and youth available. Father and son could dress as members of KISS for Halloween. Or they work great as a couples costume too.

The Starchild costume features a big black star across one eye and he has long black curly hair. His outfit features lots of leather and silver colored accessories. There are several costume kits available that makes this an easy to assemble costume idea.

Starchild KISS Halloween Costumes

Here is a featured display of costume kits in sizes for men, women and children. There are lots more options after this first display. So be sure to keep scrolling down to check everything out.

Starchild KISS Halloween CostumesKiss Deluxe The Starchild CostumeStarchild KISS Halloween CostumesKISS Sexy The Starchild CostumeThe Starchild Wig CostumeKISS Starchild Boots For Men

Paul Stanley KISS Star Child Wigs

Most of the costume kits above come with the wig and face paint already included. But, if you are putting together your own outfit and just need a Starchild KISS wig, here are the best choices. There is adult and child sizes available.

Kiss Starchild Wig One SizeAdult Kiss the Starchild Wig

Child’s Starchild KISS Halloween Costumes

Paul Stanley has made the Starchild character one of the most popular from the rock band KISS. Starchild costumes are really popular with young KISS fans at Halloween. Here are KISS Starchild costumes for children.

Big Boys’ KISS Starchild CostumeStarchild Child CostumeKISS Starchild GlassesKiss All Character Makeup Kit

More Paul Stanley KISS Halloween Costumes

You can shop for these same Starchild KISS Halloween Costumes – Paul Stanley from other online merchants as well. Here is one who specializes in nothing but Halloween costumes. Get your costume quickly and for a great price!

Kids Starchild KISS CostumeKids Starchild KISS CostumeAdult Screenprint KISS Starchild CostumeAdult Screenprint KISS Starchild CostumeKISS Rock the Nation Starchild BootsKISS Rock the Nation Starchild BootsKISS Makeup KitKISS Makeup KitKISS Starchild GlassesKISS Starchild GlassesKISS Starchild Half MaskKISS Starchild Half Mask


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